2021 was one of the best years for PC monitors ever

While Apple may have swallowed up all the press with its Apple Studio Display, the PC monitor market – driven by Dell, Lenovo and HP – has had a pretty fantastic 2021.

According to a report (opens in a new tab) from IDC, companies shipped an incredible 143.6 million PC monitors in 2021, a 5% increase over the previous year.

Anyone looking for the best PC monitor, likely due to the shift to hybrid and remote working, has probably had a great year, with great options available from many different brands.

A whole new world

“2021 marked the end of the longest period of monitors, which saw uninterrupted growth from 2018 to 2021,” said IDC’s Jay Chou. “Whether it’s businesses refreshing PCs and monitors as they move to Windows 10 or the pandemic pivot to working from home, these developments have given a much-needed boost to what used to be an industry. frozen.”

“However, we are now seeing increasing saturation, inflationary pressures from the pandemic and the Ukraine crisis further accelerating an already cooling environment in 2022, as we expect monitor shipments to decline by 3.6 %, then level off thereafter.”

Getting the right PC monitor is very, very important – not to mention the best webcam and the best USB mic – because we all spend many hours every day watching pixels change color.

The pandemic, forcing people to upgrade their remote work setup on the fly, has led to a huge boon in demand for PC accessories.

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The biggest beneficiary was Dell, which IDC said shipped just over 30 million PC monitors in 2021, a 14.5% increase over the previous year, earning it a share of 21.1% market.

Next come Lenovo with 17 million sales for a market share of 11.9%, TPV with 16.7 million sales for a share of 11.7%, HP with 15 million sales for a share of 10.5% and Samsung with 13.5 million sales for a market share of 9.4%.

IDC issued a warning on 2022 sales, however, as it forecast a 3.6% year-over-year decline as shipments decline in what will be a somewhat saturated market, with the continued effects of the pandemic, supply chain shortages and Russia. -The war in Ukraine hurt sales.

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