Wed. May 18th, 2022

Since gaming laptops have existed, only two companies have produced GPUs for them. Nvidia and AMD have had an iron grip on the market for years, and now Intel Arc mobile graphics processors are finally here. I don’t know if an Arc 7 GPU will be faster than an RTX 3080 Ti – it probably won’t – but since it’s Intel at the helm, at least I know it’s going to result in a good experience .

To be clear, while Intel has stated that laptops using its Arc 3 graphics are available now, I haven’t even seen any in person, so all I have to go is the information provided by Intel. I’m not exactly in the business of trusting internal benchmarks, and neither should you.

But let’s be honest, while AMD and Nvidia both offer mobile graphics solutions, the best gaming laptops on the market use a combination of Intel processors and Nvidia graphics. AMD Navi has started to reduce Team Green’s dominance, but Intel can hit a lot harder, and it’s about more than raw frame rates.

Nvidia RTX

(Image credit: Nvidia)

A stable platform

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