Wed. May 25th, 2022

If you’ve purchased and racked up a ton of PS Now subscriptions to get 50% off the next PS Plus rollout, it looks like you’ve beaten the system. Cheer!

Following the announcement of the redesign, deals maestro @Wario64 spotted a flaw that essentially allowed players to get an annual PS Plus Premium subscription for half price.

The revamped PS Plus service will migrate current PS Now subscribers to the top-tier PS Plus Premium subscription. There’s a huge price gap between the two, so savvy buyers swarmed in to take advantage of the situation before Sony shut it down. But it looks like whoever participated in it is going to pose as a bandit.

Screenshot of an email from PlayStation Plus customer service highlighting text stating that paid cumulative subscriptions will be honored

(Image credit: ResetEra)

A screenshot of an email that was allegedly sent to PlayStation Plus subscribers has been posted on ResetEra. It seems to confirm that members will “keep any stacked subscription period” they have already paid for (highlighted in red).

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