Wed. May 18th, 2022

You can usually tell when there’s a high demand for something when you start to see a lot of counterfeits and dupes from independent internet-based sellers and retailers popping up on Amazon. At the height of the pandemic, when everyone on Earth was seemingly looking for ways to connect with others without leaving their homes, webcams had their time in the spotlight. Naturally, lesser-known manufacturers and even unknown brands had to get in on the action.

This turned out to be a blessing at the time, especially because big manufacturers like Logitech and Microsoft couldn’t keep up with demand. Most best webcams were sold out for months, leaving part of the population looking for alternatives. Enter the next generation of webcam brands from Amazon, which not only helped ease the burden, but also offered cheaper options.

Now that webcams from trusted manufacturers are mostly back in stock, is it still worth buying a cheap webcam on Amazon? Let’s find out.

Cheap webcams on Amazon on a lilac background

(Image credit: Sansisco/DEPSTECH)

Cheap webcams: The low price may not be what it seems

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