Wed. May 25th, 2022

For the second month in a row, Microsoft Edge gained market share over Apple’s Safari, cementing its position as the second most popular web browser, but it still trails far behind Google Chrome.

The new data comes from StatCounter, which tracks web browser market share (among other things). In their latest report covering April, Edge rose from 9.65% in March to 10.07% in April, while Safari – which fell from second to third place in March – also rose slightly, from 9 .56% to 9.62%.

The biggest loser remains Mozilla Firefox, which fell from 9.47% in February to 7.57% in March, with a slight recovery to 7.87% in April. The behemoth that shrugs it all off, of course, is Google Chrome, which saw a solid increase from 64.91% in February to 67.29% in March, almost entirely at the expense of Firefox, before dipping slightly in April. at 66.58%.

A graph showing the relative market shares of competing web browsers

Google Chrome despises the market like a digital doctor TJ Eckleburg (Image credit: StatCounter)

Microsoft’s Edge browser has made great strides in recent years to grow its user base, especially after Microsoft rebuilt Edge around the Chromium framework, the same web engine that forms the basis of Google Chrome.

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