Wed. May 25th, 2022

If noisy mechanical keyboards are the bane of your life at home or in the office, you might just have found the perfect excuse to stop your co-workers or loved one from smashing those keys so hard – it turns out the pirates can tell almost exactly what you write simply by listening to yourself type.

Keytap3 is software developed by Georgi Gerganov that can detect which keys are pressed simply by listening closely with a half-decent microphone, with Gerganov demonstrating this using a cellphone’s built-in microphone in an “acoustic listening” test on their YouTube channel.

This is not the first version developed by Gerganov, although it is by far the most intuitive, having already participated in projects that required the user to type in a series of predetermined words and phrases to “train” the software. of Gerganov to decipher the keys. selected.

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