Ace of Spades Book Characters

Ace of Spades Book Characters – Ace of Spades By Feride Abek Emide It first came on my radar when I saw the huge progress I had made when the book was sold to a publisher. According to the Publisher’s Marketplace, Iyimide landed a “big deal, for a seven-figure, pre-emptive, two-book deal”. Now, if you don’t talk about publishing like I do, you might be wondering what some of those words mean. A big deal means the author earned more than six figures (seven, in this case), for their book. Iyimide is a debut author, so that kind of money is almost unheard of for an unproven writer. precautionary is whar publisher proactive He puts money on the table for a book. When a publisher preempts a book, it means that they are willing to pay a huge amount to get that book before another publisher can.

Ace of Spades – Was it worth?

Was it worth? I certainly think so. And I’m a picky eater, to the point I’ll admit. However, after the inability to put down Ace of Spades For three days in a row I can confirm that this book is good. It is very, very good. pitched in the name of Get out Meets gossip girl And the Ace of Spades is a bi-story POV that follows two black students at a private high school called Niveus Academy. Chiamaka Adebayo and Devon Richards are the only two black children at Niveus and they both had very different lives during their time at the school. Kiamaka, who is very rich, is a first-class student, prefect of the prefect, and is on her way to Yale. Devon, on the other hand, lives in a slum and does his best not to stand out. Devon and Kyamaka barely know each other until a mysterious, nameless figure named Ace begins to reveal their deepest secrets to the entire school. Together, Chiamaka and Devon team up to find out who the Aces are before they ruin their lives and kick them out of the school.

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Ace of Spades Book Characters It’s a really exciting book. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop turning the pages. I love the setting of an elite school and I especially loved how Imide was able to weave important themes like racism, classism, and homophobia into it. I loved how unabashed Kiamaka was. She was a pretty mean girl and her first and didn’t care how people looked at her, as long as she came out on top. Devon is less assertive and much more calm, but his classes gave us a real insight into what it’s like to be the odd one out in a school full of rich kids. I thought the side characters, like Kiyamaka’s girlfriend Jimmy and eventual love interest Bell, were a little underdeveloped, but I think that’s on purpose. Ace of Spades Not a book about eggs. Ace of Spades Not for white fans. It’s about blackness and how that affects everything from how you’re seen by your classmates to the colleges you’ll attend.

exciting like Ace of Spades It is, it’s not always easy to read, nor should it be. This book confronts many hard truths that many non-black readers may not be comfortable with at first. However, it is revealed that the Aces are a cabal of white supremacists who specifically target black students, dating back to the 1960s. There is one particular incident in the book that makes me physically sick to my stomach while reading it. I won’t spoil it here, but if you’re a white person reading this book (and you should), it can make you feel deeply uncomfortable. Sit with that discomfort for a moment. check it. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do, and if your intuition is responding as well Can anyone really be racist? Then ask yourself Why You feel that way. Is it because you can’t imagine it? I can, and Emide certainly can.

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The mystery element of the plot is wrapped up fairly quickly and it becomes clear who the Aces are about halfway through the book, which is a good thing. Ace of Spades It’s more of a mystery than a thriller, and it’s exciting. Read to the last page. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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