Amazon update makes buying Kindle ebooks on Android much more annoying

If you have one of the best Amazon Kindle e-readers, but like using your Android phone to buy books rather than browsing the device’s built-in store (and given how slow it is, we don’t blame you ), then we have I have bad news for you.

As Ars Technica noticed, you can no longer buy Kindle ebooks through the Amazon app on Android phones – it was already the case on iPhones, and now everyone else has to suffer too.

Amazon isn’t shy about the reason behind this, as when you try to purchase an ebook through the Shopping app, you’re told “this change keeps the app compliant with the updated Play Store policies of Google” – pointing there, are we Amazon?

This refers to Google’s requirement, from June 1, that all in-app payments will go through Google Play – this means the search engine giant gets a cut of the profits. Rather than hand over some of its money to Google, Amazon clearly wants mutually assured disruption.

How to Keep Buying Amazon Kindle Books

There is a workaround for this problem, although, strangely, it has nothing to do with the current Kindle app.

No, if you head to the Amazon website in your web browser, you can still send your purchased books to your Kindle – it takes a bit longer than just using the Amazon app, but it still works .

Of course, you can also use the store on your Kindle or computer, but personally we find our smartphone to be the fastest option for browsing books to send to our eReader.

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What’s weird is that Amazon’s Kindle app (which you can use to read your ebooks on a smartphone or tablet) doesn’t let you send things to a Kindle e-reader – maybe ‘Amazon thinks no one with a Kindle will read on the app, and vice versa.

Unless Google’s Play Store payment option is reversed, it looks like the Amazon app won’t be your way to buy e-books for the foreseeable future.

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