Apple Watch 8 could still feature body temperature monitoring

One of the rumors swirling around the Apple Watch 8 is that it will feature body temperature monitoring capabilities – and one of the industry’s most respected sources has weighed in to say the feature could still arrive on Apple’s 2022 smartwatch.

Industry Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo say that Apple is always working to perfect body temperature monitoring algorithms, to ensure accurate readings from incoming data. If these algorithms meet the required standard, the Apple Watch 8 will get the feature.

“The challenge of implementing accurate body temperature measurement is that skin temperature varies rapidly depending on outdoor environments,” Kuo says. “A smartwatch cannot support core temperature measurement in terms of hardware, so it needs a great algorithm to work together.”

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The wait continues

Kuo goes on to say that Samsung is facing similar algorithm issues with the development of the Galaxy Watch 5 – and apparently this wearable could also miss body temperature monitoring if the software scan is not up to date. here there.

Seasoned Apple watchers will recall that body temperature monitoring was originally meant to appear in the Apple Watch 7. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the necessary algorithms simply did not meet the required standard in time.

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Since then, multiple sources have predicted that the 2022 version of the smartwatch will get body temperature detection. This last piece of information reveals what the delay is and indicates that the inclusion or exclusion of the feature is still pending at this time.

Analysis: pushing the limits of hardware

There’s no getting around the problem: smartwatches are small. Manufacturers including Apple and Samsung are limited in the screen size, battery capacity and sensors they can install due to the small form factor – and that continues to hold back development.

Ming-Chi Kuo has already predicted that body temperature monitoring will come to the Apple Watch 8, but his latest comments show just how difficult that will be to achieve. More advanced medical monitoring features require more advanced sensors as well as the ability to interpret data from those sensors.

It’s not just body temperature either. The Apple Watch 8 may or may not have the ability to measure blood pressure and blood sugar – it all depends on how far Apple engineers have been able to get the complex instruments needed packed into a small square box.

There is a real possibility that these long-awaited features will not be retained for 2022 due to technical limitations. While they should be coming to an end, we see how difficult it is for smartwatches to build on what they already offer users.

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