Apple’s 27-inch Mini-LED monitor could face a disappointingly lengthy delay

It’s rumored that Apple’s 27-inch monitor, which will feature Mini-LED technology, won’t be released as soon as previous vine chatter suggests.

MacRumors spotted a tweet from Ross Young, a well-known leaker (and CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants), stating that the 27-inch monitor has been pushed back significantly by Apple.

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As you can see, the word is that rather than launching in June as originally planned (this probably meant WWDC, which takes place at the start of the month), the display might not launch until October 2022. .

Young explains that the delay is due to the Shanghai lockdown, as production was to be handled there (by Quanta), but Apple was forced to change location. This is obviously not a trivial change, and so if this is the case, we can certainly expect a few months to be added to the waiting time for this 27-inch screen.

Note that Apple’s MacBook Pro production is also in the same boat, according to a recent report.

Analysis: Studio Display Pro will no doubt be an expensive proposition

In theory, this could be an Apple Studio Display Pro, a higher-end version of the new Studio Display, the main difference being in size – the addition of Mini-LEDs, of course.

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The rumor mill (including Young) originally believed that a 27-inch iMac Pro was coming, but there was apparently some confusion about this, and previous mentions of such an iMac were actually based on leaks regarding this 27-inch Mini-LED monitor. . Although there are still people on Twitter wondering if this is still an all-in-one computer from Apple, rather than just a display.

If it is a Studio Display Pro, then of course it can be expected to be expensive. In the above tweet, Young was asked by a commenter about a ballpark price tag, but the lessor only replied that it would be “expensive.”

That’s no surprise, though, given that the Apple Studio Display is already an expensive proposition on its own, starting at $1,599 (£1,499 / AU$2,499). We could expect a serious Apple premium added to any Pro version with Mini-LED, which would maybe more or less double the price to around three thousand dollars.

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