Back 4 Blood DLC trailer is absolutely filthy

Turtle Rock Studios has released the launch trailer for Back 4 Blood’s first DLC, Tunnels of Terror, giving us a look at the expansion’s features in full blood action.

Back 4 Blood’s Tunnels of Terror introduces Ridden Hives to the four-player co-op zombie shooter – a new kind of underground zombie-infested PvE zone covered in completely filthy and rotting organic matter. Randomly appearing dungeons are presented as challenging mazes that offer fantastic loot if you manage to fight your way to the end.

They’re also dripping with gore. Between the swarms of zombies that pounce on you, you’ll dodge what looks like phlegm-spewing barnacles and pupae that spawn more Ridden to dispatch. Handsome.

These hives introduce three new types of deformed zombies to the game: the landmine-throwing Urchin, the burly Shredder, and the punching Ripper. They will all be available to play in PvP Swarm mode and PvP matches as well.

Two new playable characters – or Cleaners as they are called in-game – are also included in the upcoming DLC. Sharice starts with an ax and boosts team health and trauma resistance, while Heng allows you to detect equipment through walls and increases your detection radius of Ridden Hive entrances.

Watch the trailer below:

The DLC also adds seven new legendary weapons, 12 new weapon skins, eight character skins, and new maps for use as part of Back 4 Blood’s metagame system.

Tunnels of Terror launches April 12 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All of its content is available to all players in a party as long as one player has purchased the expansion. This means you can split the cost among your friends or just let one of your friends take on the financial burden.

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The expansion will be available to anyone who purchased the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, although its individual price has yet to be announced. It will launch alongside a free update that adds the No Hope difficulty setting for those who want a real challenge.

According to the Back 4 Blood roadmap (opens in a new tab) teased last year, Turtle Rock has two more expansions planned for the game, though exactly what they will include isn’t known.

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