Be Brave Enough To Suck At Something New

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While I was scrolling through social media, I read this quote: “Be brave enough to suck on something new.” She really stuck with me the rest of the day. It’s a simple sentence, yet very powerful, and that’s what I love about words. They come and make you feel about things, change your perspective, and are often a wake-up call. And the reason this simple line I read today has stuck with me is because it’s something I think we all need to read over and over until it becomes a lullaby etched deep inside us.

Be Brave Enough To Suck At Something New

Be Brave Enough To Suck At Something New

No one wants to face the fact that they are bad because we often associate our performance with our value. We don’t want to feel worthless. We want to feel important and belong and definitely not suck at what we do. I definitely freak out and get more upset at the thought of failure than I’d like to admit.

But here’s the thing: It often paralyzes me. It makes me stuck and unable to move on in life. I know where this is coming from. I want to belong to the list of people who admire their talent, hard work and skills. However, this will not always be the case, and I am slowly trying to accept that. I can also be the clown, the person they point to as a negative example of what not to do.

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I think our fear of absorbing something new comes from our over-awareness of how competitive this world is and how there will always be someone much better than you, but it’s a fact of life.

However, courage gives you much more than not trying. This means that you live, grow and explore. Sucking on something new means having the courage to try to look failure in the face as if it were the greatest gift, because how can you get better without learning from your mistakes, without failing first? A child who tries to walk and falls 100 times does not say: “Walking is not for me – I’ll quit.” They are so eager to walk that they don’t care if they fall.

Wanting to be perfect instantly is a failure in and of itself. It is a harmful expectation that limits you from getting started and the possibility that from someday you will have the opportunity to say that you have gained everything you sought. The truth is that I have failed many times at many things, and I realize that this is not a walk in the park, but I am also still learning, and as long as I have the resources to learn, I will use it as an improvement tool.

You have realized that courage earns you self-respect from the world and from yourself. Many people around the world have proven to us that their success is something fueled by the many mistakes and lessons they learned from them.

This is my reminder to you today. Be brave enough to soak up something new, because this is where the magic happens. Because it probably won’t suck after all.

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