Borderlands 3 is now free to keep on Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has kicked off its “mega sale” for 2022, promising a new free game every week for four weeks as well as storewide discounts. The first of those freebies is Gearbox’ hugely successful loot shooter Borderlands 3 and it’s available until May 26th.

To get a copy of this triple-A title, you’ll need to have an Epic Games account and, using the store’s desktop client, “purchase” the game (for $0/£0) in order to add it to your account. . Now it’s up to you to keep it!

Borderlands 3 is currently free on the Epic Games Store

Note: The date and time shown here are AEST (Sydney, Australia time). (Image credit: Epic Games / 2K Games)

As the main competitor to Steam’s online computer games storefront, the Epic Games Store entered the scene in late 2018 and made a name for itself with its frequent free giveaways – something it intends to continue all throughout 2022.

In many cases, these freebies have been far from obscure or petty titles, with major games like Prey, Control, and Total War: Warhammer being among them, as well as popular indie titles like Celeste, Hyper Light Drifter, Limbo and Super Meat. Boy.

All that to say that it’s worth creating an account and following up on these free offers because even if you don’t have a computer capable of running some of these games now, when you have one, you will have one. stock of ready-to-use library games.

Is Borderlands 3 Worth $0?

Obviously yes. More importantly, is it worth your time? Yet, yes. We gave the game four stars in our review, praising its huge arsenal of weapons and deep RPG systems, but noted that its attempts at comedy weren’t particularly funny.

Personally, I first played Borderlands 3 a few months ago (before Elden Ring dominated all of my free time), and it filled a particular role for me very well: insane action. For those looking for a chaotic, fast-paced first-person shooter to get started quickly, grab this game.

There’s also depth, if you want it. As with all Borderlands titles to date, you select a class to start with, and from there invest points into various skill trees and equip shields and items that align with your abilities. It can change the way the game is played quite dramatically, going from a heavy hitter from a distance to a brawler among the rest.

After playing each entry in the series, the quality of life improvements that have accrued over the decade since the first Borderlands title are to be applauded – the movement is smooth, the action is relentless, and every weapon is satisfying to wield (even the cheap beginner’s kit).

That said, the enjoyment of the game is heavily dependent on your ability to block out its narrative, as well as much of its dialogue. Borderlands 3 continues the series’ crude (and childish) humor, but has far fewer redeeming moments than its predecessors in both story and jokes.

Borderlands 3 for PC and Mac is currently free on the Epic Games Store until May 26.

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