Calling all bookworms: Amazon is giving away 10 Kindle ebooks for World Book Day

UNESCO’s World Book Day 2022 falls on April 23 (except in the UK where we like to be different, as it falls in early March), and if you have the Amazon Kindle or one of the other Kindle models, or just subscribe to Prime, you’re in for a treat.

That’s because Amazon is offering 10 free ebooks to celebrate the occasion, which anyone with a Kindle — or a Prime account — can download for free. So if you own one of the best Kindles, you’ll get even more for your money.

The offer lasts until April 27 and covers books from a range of authors and genres – we’ll list them all below. The aim is to promote literature from around the world.

To get the books, simply go to Amazon’s Read The World page to add them to your Amazon account, then download them to your eReader. You don’t need a Kindle to get the most out of this offer, as you can read them in a web browser or on the Kindle smartphone app, but we still recommend purchasing a Kindle if you want read on the go.

What are the free books?

  • The Puma years by Laura Coleman (Travel memories, Bolivia)

“In this ravishing memoir, writer and activist Laura Coleman tells the story of her liberating journey through the Amazon jungle, where she fell in love with a beautiful cat that changed her life.” Check out the full list here.

  • The Burning Swarm by Yamen Manai (Literary Fiction, Tunisia)
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“From an award-winning Tunisian author comes a moving allegory about a country in the aftermath of a revolution and the power of a single quest.” Check out the full list here.

  • North To Paradise by Ousman Umar (Memoirs, Ghana)

“The inspiring true story of a man’s treacherous childhood journey from a rural village in Ghana to the streets of Barcelona – and the path that led him home” Check out the full list here.

  • Where the Desert Meets the Sea by Werner Sonne (Historical Fiction, Israel)

“An illuminating and moving historical novel set in post-war Palestine, where the boundaries of love and friendship are challenged by the intractable conflicts of war.” Check out the full list here.

  • Eye for an Eye by Carol Wyer (Thriller, England)

“A killer who revolves around the police. A detective who spirals out of control.” Check out the full list here.

  • The Other Man by Farhad J. Dadyburjor (Book Club Fiction, India)

“A heartwarming and transporting romantic comedy about finding happiness forever on your own terms.” Check out the full list here.

  • The Easy Life in Kamusari by Shion Miura (contemporary fiction, Japan)

“From Shion Miura, the award-winning author of The Great Passage, comes a ravishing novel where the contemporary and the traditional meet amidst the splendor of Japan’s mountain lifestyle.” Check out the full list here

  • Mother Dear by Nova Lee Maier (Psychological thriller, Netherlands)

“There’s only one thing worse than doing the unthinkable: what you’re willing to do to hide it.” Check out the full list here.

  • To The Sky Kingdom by Tang Qi (Fantasy, China)
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The To The Sky Kingdoms list doesn’t provide a brief description, but you can check out the full list here.

  • The Caiman by María Eugenia Manrique, Ramón París (Children’s Book, Venezuela)

“The unforgettable story of a man and his alligator.” Check out the full list here

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A different crop of free books

If you own an Amazon Kindle, you’re probably no stranger to free books – not only are there various subscription services like Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited, but the Kindle Store has plenty of free novels, and it’s also easy to send a PDF to your Kindle for all free online classics.

But Amazon’s Read The World offer for World Book Day is a bit different, as the texts cover a wider range of genres than we normally see in the heavily fictionalized and romantic fare that’s normally offered for free.

More importantly, this literature spans the globe, so you can read authors from Ghana, China, or India, as well as other places. Again, we don’t normally see too much of that kind of diversity in the Kindle store.

So World Book Day will be great news for Kindle owners or Prime subscribers who love learning about the cultures of other countries… which is part of it, really.

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