Chris Hemsworth is here to mess with your head in the trailer for Netflix’s Spiderhead

A first trailer for Spiderhead, Netflix’s new big-budget psychological thriller, has arrived. Click below to watch it:

Spiderhead, which is based on the novella Escape From Spiderhead by George Sanders, stars Thor actor Chris Hemsworth, Top Gun: Miles Teller from Maverick, Jurnee Smollett from Birds Of Prey and Alien: Tess Haubrich from Covenant.

The Netflix film is set in the near future and in a world where convicted felons are offered the opportunity to volunteer as medical subjects to shorten their sentences.

Hemsworth plays Steve Abnesti, the supervisor of the experiment, which involves giving an inmate a new drug capable of generating feelings of love. The prisoner, Jeff Teller, comes to feel a connection with another prisoner named Rachel, but knowing about the trial, he begins to question the reality of his emotions. As things progress, Jeff sets out to try and foil the prison experiments and save her…

Joseph Kosinski, who is set to wow us all with his long-awaited action-spectacular sequel to Top Gun, directed the film, with the script coming from Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick.

The film, which was shot in Hemsworth’s native Australia, will debut on Netflix on June 17. Also expect to see some form of clip on Netflix’s upcoming Geeked Weekly extravaganza.

Analysis: A new direction for Chris Hemsworth?

Hemsworth isn’t just the star of Spiderhead, he’s also one of the producers and, you can imagine, that’s one of the main reasons this movie got the green light.

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Abnesti’s role strays from the normal wheelhouse of Thor: Love and Thunder, which when he wasn’t starring in the Marvel Cinematic Universe consisted largely of action man roles like Extraction and 12 Strong. Here, he plays a scientific visionary determined to find a cure for all manner of ailments using human guinea pigs. In Sanders’ story, he’s charming and brilliant, two qualities we know Hemsworth possesses in spades.

It’s actually not the first time he’s played such a role. He was a bright spark in the lackluster drama Bad Times At The El Royale as Billy Lee, the charismatic leader of a dangerous cult. If he transfers some of that performance here, the film will be in good hands.

From the trailer, it looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time inside four walls, so hopefully the chemistry between Hemsworth, Teller, Smollett, and Haubrich will be electric and can sustain the film.

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