Cities: Skylines’ VR port for the Quest 2 will make you feel like a god

The hit city simulation game Cities Skylines is coming exclusively to Quest 2 as Cities: VR and we can’t wait to play it.

At the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, we were treated to a brand new gameplay trailer for the title. We’ve seen a player take on the role of mayor to construct buildings and bridges and create their dream city.

But if you’re already desperate to find out more, we have good news; we caught up with one of the game’s developers (Cities VR Live Producer Linda Kiby Zetterman) to find out what players can expect when the title releases on April 28th.

More power than ever

Those of you who have played Cities Skylines are familiar with the mayoral responsibilities you will be handling. There are utilities to sort through, transportation routes to create, and taxes to collect – all of which need to be balanced for the people of your town to be happy.

But, Zetterman explained that players are “less of a mayor and more of a god with Cities VR.”

“With the Quest 2 headset, you’ll be above it all, looking down on your city – and in control of it all.”

VR Cities

(Image credit: Fast Travel Games)

This top-down perspective isn’t new to city simulators, but with the immersive nature of VR, we’re not surprised the player’s worldview can make them feel like a god – all the more so. that you can create structures with the press of a button and sculpt the landscape with your hands

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Additionally, Zetterman explained that this sandbox experience won’t be like some VR games where there’s only one story to complete. Cities: VR will instead offer players plenty of ways to replay the title so they can experience the power journey it offers over and over again.

“While it’s smaller on Quest 2 right now than Cities: Skylines currently is, it still offers a tremendous number of reasons to keep coming back. There are different starting locations to try out, and obviously there’s this drive to see if you can improve and make a city even better than before.

You can also try to create more and more terrible cities, but each one has its own.

There Are More Cities: VR Content Coming Soon

While CIties: VR will have a smaller scope than Cities: Skylines, Zetterman assured us that several free updates coming after launch will gradually expand the scope of the title.

The first update is already set in stone (it includes a few fixes and upgrades to make everything run a little smoother) but, much like how players control their cities, they will also shape the type of content that will be launched in the future. .

If players have particular issues they want addressed or request certain content to be added to Cities: VR, Zetterman and his team want to use updates to address their concerns.

VR Cities

(Image credit: Fast Travel Games)

And while gamers are currently confined to the Quest 2, there’s a chance those of you with an HTC or Valve headset could try it out in the future.

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Zetterman didn’t make any promises, but said we might see Cities: VR launch on other platforms at some point – maybe we’ll even see it on PSVR 2.

For now, however, Cities: VR will be exclusive to Meta Quest 2 when it launches later this month on April 28. It’s priced at $30 / £23 / AU$47, but if you get your pre-order, you’ll nab it 10% off.

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