CityGirlsNYC New York City Lifestyle Blogger

CityGirlsNYC New York City Lifestyle Blogger – New York fashion bloggers are incredibly diverse. Some of them are celebrities who are famous for their fashion sense while others are new to the blogging industry. No matter their background, they all share a passion for fashion and style. Many of these influential bloggers offer readers insight into emerging trends and share helpful shopping tips. Some even share their personal stories and accounts, giving readers a look at the world through their eyes.

CityGirlsNYC New York City Lifestyle Blogger


CityGirlsNYC New York City Lifestyle is a blog by four women living in the Big Apple who share their passion for New York City and all things fashion. The blog was started by Amy Nicole Marietta in 2010 after she moved to the city from Los Angeles where she worked as a fashion PR intern. Since then, her blog has become a daily source of inspiration. Laura Marietta, who moved to the city in January 2014, also writes about fashion and travel. Her videos can be found on YouTube.

Unlike other lifestyle blogs, City Girls NYC is run by two best friends who are passionate about the city and love to explore new hotspots. These bloggers also cover a variety of topics, which sets them apart from other lifestyle blogs.

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CityGirlsNYC New York City Lifestyle Blogger is an excellent source of information about the city. The blog is updated daily with the latest trends and hotspots in the city. While many lifestyle blogs focus on one or two topics, City Girls NYC tries to cover a variety of topics.

Kourtney’s style is perfect for the New York City lifestyle

CityGirlsNYC is a New York lifestyle blog specializing in luxury travel, fashion, and entertainment. Directed by Kourtney, who shares the latest fashion, beauty, and culture stories. She also offers tips and tricks for a stylish life. We share the best travel destinations and beauty products. You’ll also get tips on shopping in New York City and how to stay young and healthy.

Fashion blogger Courtney lives in the West Village and has a dog named Waffles. She loves to watch Gossip Girl and is a fan of fashion. Her boyfriend, Justin, is a fashion photographer who lives in the East Village. They are both very elegant and have a great sense of style.

Amy Nicole Marietta

Los Angeles-born and New York City-based lifestyle blogger, Amy Nicole Marietta is known for her style, travel, music, and more. After moving to New York City in 2010, she landed an internship at a fashion public relations firm and started her blog. Today, Amy’s blog is a daily inspiration for others. Amy also designs her own clothing line and also writes for various professional outlets.

In addition to her blog, Amy has written articles for a variety of publications including Vanity Fair and Elle, among others. She also has an active Instagram account with more than 68,000 followers. Her posts include fashion trends, healthy recipes, and beauty tips. She is also an award-winning content producer.

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Alexandra’s style is perfect for the New York City streets

Alexandra is an American with dual citizenship in Italy. She was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, and studied in London, Rome, Padua, and Trieste. After graduating, she worked in the haute couture department at Bloomingdale’s and traveled extensively for fashion brand Puma. Today Alexandra writes a blog about the New York lifestyle and shares stylish and elegant lifestyle tips.

Alexandra’s Instagram feed is a mix of DIY craft ideas, life updates, and easy recipes. Her feed is a perfect fit for brands interested in promoting healthy lifestyles for families. She also has a blog,, and posts about family travel, food, and beauty.

Olivia’s style is a mixture of corporate fashion and modern street style

A lifestyle blogger from New York City, Olivia has been featured in a few different posts and blogs. She is also a fashion designer and a prominent social media influencer. She shares her love of style and fashion, and also has a large number of Instagram followers.

Olivia gained fame through her blog, Corporate Catwalk. On the blog, she shares her unique thoughts on fashion, beauty, travel, and everyday life. She is a model and fashion blogger with a huge following on Instagram. The blogger also features fashion photography and has a large following on Instagram.

Megan Donovan

a public relations, digital marketing, and branding consultant based in New York City; Megan Donovan is the founder of Freak IQ. She has worked on a variety of brands, from luxury consumer goods to cosmetics and travel. Donovan specializes in influencer marketing.

Her blog is about personal style, fashion, and travel. Although she has lived and worked in other cities, she is still drawn to New York. This multifaceted blogger shares her love of New York City with readers all over the world.

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Jessica Wang is a fashion influencer

Jessica Wang, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, started her blog in 2008. She belongs to the second wave of fashion bloggers and her content is known for its uniqueness and consistency. She lives in New York City with her husband, Daniel, and has two daughters. She studied finance at Bentley University and went on to work in the financial sector for Morgan Stanley, but ultimately chose selling Louboutins and writing about fashion over financial accounting.

Jessica Wang is an Asian American fashion blogger and digital influencer with over a million global followers. Her unique and unconventional style and aesthetic design have gained a large following, and her work has broken stereotypes. It defies fashion trends and combines high-end fashion with high-end products.

Stacy Beuke’s style is perfect for New York City fashion

If you’re looking for inspiration for how your dress will stand out from the crowd, Stacey’s website is a great place to start. Her posts are not only full of fashion advice, but also offer ideas on how to combine styles and accessories. Her style is a mixture of eclectic and classic.

Stacey Bewkes’ Quintessence Blog is your daily dose of style inspiration. It covers everything from interiors, fashion, and architecture to travel and wine. A former art director, Stacey Bewkes’ approach to the medium is inspired by a strong perspective and a genuine desire to share her lifelong love of design.

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