Designers take note, Asus’s newest ZenBook is how you get our attention

The Asus Zenbook 14X Space Edition laptop has just launched, with a 3.5-inch LED display on the lid as well as other space-themed elements, and some seriously powerful hardware to boot.

The laptop, which was previewed at CES 2022, packs some impressive specs including an Intel Core i9-12900H processor with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, 32GB LPDDR5 RAM, M.2 NVMe SSD 1TB and a 14-inch, 2.8K (2880 x 1800p) OLED display with a 90Hz refresh rate and 0.2ms response time.

But what really sets the Space Edition apart is the 3.5-inch ZenVision LED display on the lid, which can be customized to show things like the time, customizable messages, animations, and more. There are also patterns etched into the aluminum chassis that give the whole laptop a particularly stellar feel.

And, as The Verge notes, the laptop is said to meet the US Space Systems Command standard (SMC-S-016A), which makes it resistant to “extreme vibration and high/low operating temperatures”. That makes sense, since the Asus Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition was apparently released to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Asus’ first space-traveling laptop. You can get one now for $1,999.

Analysis: more experimentation with form, please!

Almost all laptops are built around the same clamshell form factor we’ve been using for decades, and there’s no real reason to change that. It’s hard to imagine a laptop in another weird design that we didn’t expect and isn’t just a novelty item.

Yet even as efficient and useful as it is, we’ve been looking at the same form factor for decades now, and so anything that can break up the monotony is a good thing. While the laser engravings are cool, the 3.5-inch ZenVision smart display on the lid is definitely the kind of thing we’d like to see more of in the laptop market.

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Having a cool, eye-catching element like a customizable screen that can let some of your own personality seep into the design – especially one that’s going to face the world for all to see – shows how sometimes playing with a The familiar shape can make a standard laptop design feel out of this world. Needless to say, this is one laptop we can’t wait to get our hands on.

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