Don’t know what movie to stream on Netflix or Amazon tonight? Try this

We’re spoiled for choice in the world of streaming these days. Not only do we have libraries of content from multiple apps to choose from, including Hollywood classics and new releases fresh from the movies, but the competition is so hot that the likes of Amazon, HBO, Netflix and Disney are constantly vying. . to our attention with new exclusives of their own.

Even with a well-organized watchlist, deciding what to watch on multiple services can be a tricky waste of time, as you sift through all your streaming subscriptions to find exactly what you’re looking for for the night’s viewing session.

Amazon thinks it has the answer, in the form of a new app that, for now at least, is exclusive to the Fire TV platform. By tapping into the IMDB database of Amazon-owned movies and TV, it gamifies your choices to help you land on the exact movies or TV shows depending on the mood you’re feeling.

How it works – and what’s in it for Amazon

The “IMDB What to Watch” app first asks you which streaming services you have access to, before presenting you with a few games to narrow down your choices.

The first is pretty simple – it scans your services, gathers their libraries, then offers three options to choose from (or review) without having to dive into each individual service to see what’s on them.

The sequel is a little more refined. “This or That” will ask you a series of questions, such as choices between genres, to help narrow your options down to selected choices.

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Finally, the app presents you with curated collections of related movies (such as the illustrated “Made in Paris Movies”) and challenges you to watch and rate them all within a given time frame, awarding badges to those who participate.

Amazon promises a few more in-app games are also on the way – one that collects movies based on a dream cast of your choice, and a “Time Machine” game that presumably features options based on some sort of metric historical, be that era or maybe an actor’s repertoire through the ages.

Amazon is making good use of its IMDB knowledge base already with Amazon Prime streaming, which has an “X-Ray” feature to show you information about a show or movie while you watch it, down to the details of Accurate stars as they appear on screen in any given scene.

And while the new free IMDB gaming app will comprehensively support the libraries of several rival streamers, you can be sure that Amazon will glean some valuable insights from it. What do users choose most consistently when faced with choices among multiple services? Which stars are the most popular? What kinds? Which movie artwork is most likely to generate a click?

You might not have to pay for the app, but Amazon will make sure there’s still some value in using it. And with the more data it can access the better, we’d be surprised if the app doesn’t break free from Fire TV exclusivity before long.

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