Dying Light 2 story DLC delay has inadvertently saved your summer

Techland has announced that the first story for Dying Light 2 is being pushed back to September.

Originally slated for release in June, the Dying Light 2 story DLC will not expand upon the endgame. Instead, it will cover events that occur alongside the main story. Speaking to wccftech, lead designer Tymon Smektał revealed that the DLC story will pick up right after Aiden arrives in the city.

But the additional content needs more time for a bit of spitting and polishing, as Techland revealed on Twitter:

“Dear Pilgrims, your feedback always has the highest priority for us, and we want to be honest and transparent with you,” the official Dying Light 2 account tweeted. first downloadable content in history. It is now scheduled for release in September.”

Dying Light 2 post-launch content roadmap

(Image credit: Techland)

This is actually great news

The updated roadmap, which you can check out below, confirms that we’ll have new content to guide us. June will see the release of the game’s first chapter, titled In the Footsteps of a Nightrunner. It will be jam-packed with content and events. And the photo mode will also make its debut.

Although Dying Light 2 players may feel a bit disappointed with the delay, believe me, this is exactly what you need. First off, September seems a bit empty in terms of game launches. After this news? Not really.

Second, let’s not forget that Supermassive is releasing The Quarry on June 10 after revealing the game in March. It’s the same studio that brought us Until Dawn a narrative-style affair, choose your own adventure with a star-studded cast. And The Quarry follows the same formula. Now you have all the time in the world to enjoy cinematic horror – maybe invite some friends over so it’s not so scary.

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And finally, it’s the beginning of summer! The ride called life has gotten pretty choppy since we entered the dark timeline. Make the most of the delay and have nothing to play while soaking up the sun. There’s plenty of time to give in to zombie heads when fall rolls around.

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