Elden Ring AFK farmers suck but you can rob them by hiding in a bush

AFK Farming is ruining Elden Ring, or so a vocal part of the community says. But one player has found the perfect way to deal with rune farmers – and I heartily approve.

Elden Ring PvP is all about the v between the P’s. If any of the P’s are missing, the door is open for an existential crisis. But that hasn’t stopped some players from opting out of the conflict and quietly retreating to a life of farming in The Lands Between.

Avid players have found that they can earn a lot of runes just by finding an out of the way place to hide and then inviting other players to invade their game. If the invader dies before they can find the host , the host gains runes and waits for another invader to enter their game and suffer the same fate as the first. These AFK farmers can spend hours sitting out of sight, quietly collecting runes. But players looking for a regular PvP duel will be sorely disappointed by the Farmers’ antics.

But AFK Farming at Elden Ring has gotten a little more perilous lately. The hosts get more than they bargained for, as the invaders looking for a fair fight go to extreme lengths to get at them. Like redditor SwaxOnSwaxOff executing a flawless sword attack to reach a ledge shard and inflict punishment accordingly. But fellow redditor Teasnarker has a much more devious plan that turns the tide on the hosts.

Elden Ring player using Mimic's Veil and hiding in a bush

*Record scratch* *Freeze Frame* “Yeah, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation…” (Image credit: u/Teasnarker via Reddit)

Cultivate Farmer AFK

What you are looking at is an Elden Ring player who has reached a new level. After invading an AFK farmer in Liurnia four times in a row, the fifth time was the charm.

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“After 4 useless invasions, I had had enough,” says Teasnarker. “I decided that this host would not get a single rune from me again. So when the hunters showed up, I ran away and put the veil of the mimic in a bush. And I hid there The bush enveloped and protected me.

“Eventually the hunters gave up and logged out, but I couldn’t log out or the host would get runes. So I chose to stay in the bush.”

I went, done, Teasnarker. Although I usually hide from invaders who just won’t understand and leave. But things took an interesting turn for the redditor, and they started farming farmer AFK.

“That was three hours ago,” they continue. “Since then I have seen whole generations of hunters and invaders come and go, and all the while I have stayed in the bush. The bush is my home now. I don’t go out. You can’t take me out.

“I have been AFK cultivating farmer AFK. Every time a hunter is killed or logs out, I get runes and a wound finger. And the host will come back with less runes than he was there was waiting, because one of its invader slots is permanently occupied by me, crouching in my bush.

“I like it here. There are rocks and leaves and sometimes a bug comes by to keep me company. choose another bush. This one is mine.

So if you’ve farmed runes and you don’t seem to be getting as many as expected, take a look. If you see a particularly beautiful grove, with beautiful laurels, you might want to take a closer look.

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