Elden Ring player meets Jesus, immediately worships him

The messiah has made his way to Elden Ring, as a player called Jesus Christ continues to invade other people’s games and peacefully perform gestures of worship.

As posted on Reddit (opens in a new tab)an Elden Ring player has encountered the Christian savior in the game’s PvP mode, but what begins as an ominous confrontation quickly turns into a spontaneous moment of peaceful worship.

The two players walk slowly towards each other, stopping foot by foot, and simultaneously perform the gesture of abduction, raising their hands in the air in what looks like an acknowledgment of the Lord. The whole encounter is meant to be entirely spontaneous and remarkably synchronized. You can watch the video below.

To top it all off, the invading Jesus player is dressed in typical Biblical attire, complete with a long white robe, shoulder-length hair, and a beard. The other player’s feathered helmet, large shield and thick shoulder armor make them look a bit like a Roman legionnaire – very fitting.

“I came into this world as an invader. I left this world believing,” the original poster titled their video.

“Glad you didn’t kill the guy.” His game takes three days to load each time he dies. Must be awful,” said another commenter, with a surprisingly trendy gag for the Easter season.

Another pointed out that Jesus appears to be carrying a few daggers on his hip, probably just in case he comes across unbelievers while wandering the midlands.

i_entered_this_world_an_invader_i_left_this_world from r/Eldenring

Despite the difficulty and relentless challenge of Elden Ring, the community that has grown around FromSoftware’s latest action-RPG is surprisingly fun. Along with sharing tactics for defeating tough bosses and showing off awesome fights, players have quickly embraced the lighter side of the game.

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A player has shared a character build that transforms their Terni into a Sith Lord. Another found an inventive way to destroy rune-harvesting AFK crooks using a giant cannon. For others, Elden Ring simply gives them the opportunity to pull off comedic stunts by invading other people’s games.

Jesus Christ isn’t the only real character to make it to Elden Ring. Players calling themselves Will Smith began invading people’s games, walking up to their opponents and slapping them in a mimicry of the actor’s recent Oscar appearance.

Add to that the speedrunners traversing the Elden Ring, and you’ve got a gaming community that sounds every ounce of novelty to the gritty action-RPG. Elden Ring may be an epic fantasy adventure, but players – like Jesus Christ above – show it’s also a great canvas for just messing around.

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