Elden Ring’s easy mode just got even easier

The latest Elden Ring update brings big changes to the action RPG magic system, introducing a range of weapon rebalances and spell buffs that make what some players have jokingly called the easy game mode.

Exceptional Update 1.04 includes a massive selection of tweaks to Elden Ring’s incantations and sorcery spells, vastly improving their combat effectiveness. Crystal Barrage’s cast speed has been increased, Ranni’s Dark Moon now has a shorter cooldown, Explosive Ghostflame requires less Focus, and Bloodboon’s damage has been increased.

This is just a handful of the three dozen spells that have been improved. Take a look at the patch notes and you’ll find that every spell mentioned has had its casting speed increased, cost of FP or stamina reduced, damage increased, or some other stat boosted. This will make spellcasting Faith constructs much more powerful against Elden Ring bosses and other tarnishes in the game’s PvP invasions.

Since the game’s release, some players have said provocatively that playing Elden Ring with a magic-focused character is akin to playing the game on easy mode – the idea being that incantations are disproportionately powerful, allowing you to enjoy generous healing spells and powerful weapons that scale with your Faith. Even the Elden Ring summons seem to fool some players.

This is not a perspective shared by the whole community. Many late game enemies can effectively counter the long cast times of sorceries and casts, while spell damage ends earlier than many melee and ranged builds. Pick any style of play, though, and you’re more than likely to find at least someone claiming it’s too easy.

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Even so, the buffs introduced in this update certainly help boost magic. Although being a spellcaster in Elden Ring is not easy on its own, it is certainly now easier than ever.

Elden Ring Bosses

(Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment)

An exceptional update

The new Elden Ring update is also good news for beefy melee characters. Attack speed and damage of Colossal Weapons and Colossal Swords have been improved and their recovery time reduced. Add to that damage increases for the Grafted Greatsword, Devourer’s Scepter, and other colossal weapons, and strength builds have also become much more effective in the Elden Ring metagame.

More universally, the growth rate of FP and Stamina has been increased for all low level players. All you need to do is level up, activate the Great Rune of Godrick, or re-equip any stat-boosting items to see the change.

The update also adds a few new features, including the ability to enable or disable auto camera rotation, which will come in handy for those who are tired of the game spinning around their character’s head at times. inappropriate. It also expands the questline of NPC patches with new “Event Phases”.

There are also plenty of bug fixes alongside these, ranging from combat issues to quest bugs that were preventing players from progressing through the game.

Of course, if you really want to tweak the game, you can always install a few Elden Ring mods and totally revamp the Lands Between.

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