Elden Ring’s map has been secretly changing without anyone noticing

Elden Ring’s game map has gradually evolved since the action RPG launched earlier this year, as Bandai Namco quietly edited the game without players noticing.

Changes to the Elden Ring map have been documented by YouTuber and FromSoftware aficionado Illusory Wall (thanks, VG247). In a recent video, they explain that the game’s post-release patches made several secret map changes, tweaking the game’s map to better represent its world.

Changes have been made to each of the Elden Ring regions, with the smallest of them removing roads, ruins, or other map features that don’t actually exist in-game. , small unidentifiable blocks, which could have represented rocks or ruins that never made it into the final game, have disappeared.

There are also more significant changes. The original game map showed a few roads and bridges that would have better connected areas early in the game, and other regions have been updated for more accuracy. The area around Castle Stormveil, for example, originally didn’t show a moat or the damaged section of its entrance.

Several visual details have also been added since the game’s release, better highlighting castle walls, as well as more clearly defining cliffs and roads. The icons for each area have also been drastically changed. More color has been injected into the Limgrave and Caelid icons, for example, which were previously plain beige.

Check out all the changes in the Illusory Wall video below.

A well-kept secret

Publisher Bandai Namco has released around 20 patches for Elden Ring since the game was released in February. Updates have rebalanced bosses, fixed stability bugs, and improved spellcasters, but none of the official patch notes have ever outlined any changes to the game map. Many players will have been oblivious changes that occur under their character’s feet.

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Not all of them, however. Illusory Wall wasn’t the first to notice the changes, and Reddit threads as far back as March noted the changes. However, their video does a good job of documenting the changes and showing the original map and the new map side by side.

It’s unlikely that the changes had a big impact on your game, even if you didn’t notice them. Most of the updates are relatively minor quality of life fixes that were likely introduced to make the Elden Ring map much more readable. But they do offer an interesting insight into the minds of the FromSoftware team, and the game world could have looked like a development stage.

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