Exclusive: Here’s the OnePlus Nord 2T, and it has the 10 Pro’s best feature

TechRadar can exclusively confirm that the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G is the next mid-range smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer, and we also have a world first look at the device – but only from its rear.

The next Nord handset has been rumored for some time, but OnePlus has now officially shared with TechRadar that the Nord 2T 5G is on the way.

Alongside the Nord 2T name – which marks the new phone as a clear iterative update on the Nord 2, rather than an entirely new generation – we can also reveal two colors the handset will be available in.

In the image OnePlus shared with us (above) you can see the handset in black and what appears to be a pastel green. Unfortunately, we can only see the bottom of the phones, so we still don’t know what the camera bump might look like and how many sensors it will have.

What we can see, however, is a centralized USB-C port on the bottom edge, flanked by a SIM card tray and speaker.

Previously, rumors surrounding the Nord 2T suggested the handset could feature a 50MP primary rear sensor as part of a triple camera setup, along with a 6.43-inch display, while another report claims that It will be powered by MediaTek’s Dimensity 1300 chipset – although OnePlus hasn’t confirmed any specs to TechRadar.

“Fast charging, a powerful chipset and an excellent camera system”

OnePlus is rapidly expanding its Nord line of handsets as it continues to move away from its “challenger brand” beginnings, which saw it focus on one smartphone at a time.

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We already have the Nord 2 and Nord CE 2, and the Nord 2T will be the third handset to sport a ‘2’ in its name, although we expect the first of these phones to be replaced by this new device.

Although OnePlus was unable to provide specific spec details for the Nord 2T, a company spokesperson told TechRadar that the handset will “upgrade the flagships of the Nord 2″ while maintaining ” an affordable price “.

The spokesperson specifically called it “fast charging, a powerful chipset, and a great camera system” when referring to last year’s Nord 2, so perhaps those are the key areas where the 2T improves.

The OnePlus Nord 2T will support 80W fast charging

They went on to say “the OnePlus Nord 2T offers the same super-fast charging as the OnePlus 10 Pro” – giving us our first confirmed spec for the new handset.

It tells us that the OnePlus Nord 2T will support 80W fast charging. On the OnePlus 10 Pro that meant 0% to 100% in just 30 minutes, and we expect a similar speed here.

Why you” ?

OnePlus has used the characters ‘T’ and ‘R’ in a number of product names, but what exactly do they mean?

The spokesperson told us that the T models “represent an overall performance upgrade for users” while the R models are “entry-level flagship devices equipped with the latest technology”, with a particular focus on recharging and mobile games.

As for the Nord 2T, you’ll have to wait to hear more about the new phone – but that wait won’t be too long, as OnePlus has confirmed that it will launch in May.

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