Exclusive: People “don’t see the point” in password managers

Even though easy-to-guess passwords are one of the weakest links in the cybersecurity chain, most people still “don’t see the point” of a password manager and are happy to use it. save their details elsewhere, a new exclusive report from OnePulse shared with TechRadar Pro has found.

Assessing the opinions of 1,000 people about their password practices, the company found that more than a quarter (27%) don’t see the point of using a password manager. Additionally, another quarter (26%) would prefer to save their passwords elsewhere, which means that around half of those surveyed do not use a password manager, if at all.

Of those who do, about a fifth (20%) have downloaded a free password manager, or one that comes with other commercial software, while the remaining 27% have decided to let their browser save and manage their passwords. Passwords.

The free version takes the crown

Of the 1,000 survey respondents, half (49%) have less than 100 passwords to manage, while 14% manage between 100 and 500. A significant portion (30%) did not want to give specific numbers , but 6% said they needed to keep it up to 500.

When it comes to paying for password management software, respondents seem to be relatively picky. Most (47%) wouldn’t say how much they spent, but two in five (39%) decided to go with the free version. About 4% each went to those paying around $2, those paying up to $6, and those paying more than $6.

There is a consensus among cybersecurity experts that password managers are one of the essential online security tools, right next to two-factor authentication (2FA) solutions or biometrics. .

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These tools are able to easily generate strong passwords, notify users when it’s time to change them, and store them in a secure environment. Most of them are also cross-platform, allowing users to access different devices including PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

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