Fantastic Four movie has reportedly found its new director

Major spoilers follow for Doctor Strange 2. You have been warned.

Marvel Studios’ Fantastic Four movie has reportedly found its new director – and Star Wars fans will certainly be intrigued by the potential hire.

According to an anonymous user on the Not Safe For Work (NSFW) website 4chan – yes, it makes us very skeptical of the rumor as well – the next Marvel movie will be directed by The Mandalorian’s Bryce Dallas Howard.

Howard’s nomination rumor has been discussed at length on Reddit, with many Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Star Wars fans suggesting that she would be a perfect fit for the Marvel Phase 4 project. in The Mandalorian, as well as the best episode of The Book of Boba Fett, we’re inclined to agree.

The rumor goes on to suggest that Howard would also star as Sue Storm/The Invisible Woman in Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie. Meanwhile, John Krasinski – whose appearance as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2 drove fans crazy – is also said to portray the MCU’s version of the Fantastic Four leader.

Howard’s possible installment as the new Fantastic Four director comes two weeks after Jon Watts pulled out of the project. By Deadline, Watts, who helmed the billion-dollar (and multiverse-centric) Spider-Man: No Way Home, simply needed a break from the superhero genre after the feats of filmmaking. trilogy of Spider-Man films from his MCU.

Even though Howard is set to direct Marvel’s Fantastic Four movie, we’re taking this rumor with a grain of salt. huge pinch of salt right now. Prominent MCU leakers, including Charles Murphy and MyTimetoShineHello, haven’t commented on the prospect of Howard being handed the Marvel movie reins. Although, MyTimetoShineHello suggested that Krasinski has yet to sign on to portray Reed Richards in a Fantastic Four movie.

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Given the generally good track records of these insiders, we’re waiting to believe this rumor until someone more reliable can corroborate it. Or, alternatively, Marvel Studios officially announces the hiring of Howard. 4chan is the wild west of the internet, where anyone can post a speculative message without any supporting evidence. For now, then, believe this one at your own risk.

Analysis: Will Marvel’s Fantastic Four be part of the studio’s Phase 4 line-up?

A screenshot of Fantastic Four leader Reed Richards as he appears in Marvel comics

Reed Richards and company will appear at some point. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

It’s up for debate. The superhero movie reboot was announced by Marvel Studios at Comic Con in July 2019, alongside other upcoming MCU films including Thor: Love and Thunder, The Marvels, and Blade.

While Thor 4 and The Marvels – the latter being a Captain Marvel sequel, WandaVision, and Ms. Marvel – confirmed release dates, however, Fantastic Four does not. This is not surprising, given that it still seems to be in its early stages.

Similarly, Blade also doesn’t have an official launch date but, according to Production Weekly magazine, the Marvel movie starring Mahershala Ali is set to begin filming in the summer of 2022. Production Weekly is almost always on the ball with movies and TV shows. filming start dates, so we expect principal photography to begin shortly on Blade. As long as that’s the case, Blade could hit theaters in late 2023. Halloween falls on a Tuesday next year, so we could definitely see Blade getting an October 27, 2023 release date.

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But we digress. With Fantastic Four still not hiring a director or cast members – speculation suggested Marvel was preparing to launch its iconic quartet in January, however – its production (and subsequent release date) still seems a long way off at this point. stadium.

It’s also unclear when Marvel’s Phase 4 slate will end. The studio is expected to release five movies (six if you include Blade), seven TV shows, and two Disney Plus specials over the next two to three years. Add to the fact that five more MCU Disney Plus shows have been announced in November 2021, and Marvel has its hands full.

The prospect of seeing a Fantastic Four film before 2024 therefore seems unlikely. That may change if Marvel has a director, writer, and cast in place – they just haven’t announced them yet if they do. But, in our opinion, it will be a while before Reed Richards and company return to the big screen. Unless the movie goes into production before the end of the year, we’d be surprised if it also ends up being part of Marvel’s Phase 4 plans.

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