File Explorer tabs in Windows 11 sound great, but where are they?

Microsoft held an event in early April announcing a bunch of new features coming to Windows 11, including the ability to have tabs in File Explorer, but users are still waiting to try this new feature.

The company announced the feature as one of the biggest File Explorer updates in years, along with a new “home” view so you can see your recently used files and integration with OneDrive. .

But even though I was able to use the feature with a third-party tool, it still doesn’t show up in Insider updates or official Windows 11 builds. What’s going on?

A pending feature

I have a gaming PC with more hard drives and pinned folders than the typical user, mostly due to the number of games I have installed on it. When I try to copy files and folders between these hard drives, I usually need to open multiple File Explorer windows simultaneously.

It’s also annoying, because my 32-inch monitor shows multiple folder windows instead, and there are times when I have to open even more File Explorer windows.

This is why the tabs feature was so useful to me, thanks to the unofficial tool. Everything is handled in a single window, just like a web browser, and I can use my unused screen space for a YouTube video instead. But it hasn’t officially arrived for everyone yet, and my other device running Windows 11 is still stuck on File Explorer without tabs.

Microsoft’s event made a big fuss about the feature, and many users, myself included, are wondering where it is.

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We reached out to the company for clarification, but announcing a new feature without a release date is odd, even for Microsoft.

If you haven’t signed up as a Windows Insider to help test early builds of Windows 11, you might have to wait until later this year for the next “Sun Valley 2” update. But even seeing the feature coming in this update is full of uncertainty, as we are already seeing features announced and released every month that were supposed to come in “Sun Valley 2”, such as the dark mode theme in Notepad.

We may be in the midst of a company transition in how updates are announced and released, but with no official word on when tabs will arrive in File Explorer, many of us are in the dark.

Although an unofficial tool enabled it for me, it’s something other users won’t want to try, so for confirmation of when it will arrive at least, it would be nice to see Microsoft for now .

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