Firefox version 100 is here – is it finally time to switch from Google Chrome?

Mozilla has released the latest version of its Web browser today (May 3), with firefox reaching version 100, bringing new and improved features for users of all operating systems.

While Google Chrome has reached version 100 in March, there weren’t many substantial features that marked this milestone, but Firefox 100 seems to be different. Available for Windows 11 and macOS, androidand iOSit looks like Mozilla has included a lot of new features for you to try.

There’s an enhanced picture-in-picture mode, for example, which is similar to Apple’s functionality in its own Safari browser where a video can pop out of an app and be viewed anywhere, even when using a other apps or browse other websites. Firefox’s version of this feature now supports subtitles and captions, which Apple’s take still doesn’t. There are also new wallpapers for mobile Firefox users and an HTTPS setting for Android users, allowing for an extra layer of security while you browse.

With these useful features, it may tempt some users who use Google Chrome, Safariand others to eventually migrate to Firefox.

Analysis: this could be the version that moves users from Chrome to Firefox

Extensive color management extension

(Image credit: Mozilla)

Since its debut in 2004, Firefox has been considered the first real alternative to Microsoft. Internet Explorer browser, mainly due to the presence of tabs, something that we all use in our web browsers today, but back then it was something of a novelty.

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However, Mozilla’s web browser has somewhat disappeared in recent years, mainly due to the greater visibility of the Chrome, Safari and Microsoft Edge web browser thanks to the marketing budget of Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Being an outsider can bring innovation to the features users demand, and better picture-in-picture support is an example. Since its debut in iOS 9, the feature has barely been updated by Apple, with no way to navigate a video’s timeline or place a video anywhere on an iPad screen.

But with subtitle support and support for Netflix, YouTube, and Prime Video, this might be the only feature that would entice users to switch to Firefox. Imagine you’re using another tab for Google Docs, or just scrolling through Twitter, but you want to make sure you’re watching a video at the same time. Combine that with subtitles and you’re essentially browsing two pieces of content at once, without switching between tabs.

While Google Chrome often boasts about how quickly it can load websites, it’s had a reputation for being a battery hog for years with no signs of improving. After trying Firefox on a 14-inch MacBook Pro For much of this year, we’ve seen the web browser weigh less on memory, which might tempt some users to make the switch.

However, version 100 gives us hope that Firefox might finally have a real shot at being a rival to Google Chrome, and it makes us wonder if a new generation of browser wars is about to hit your desktop.

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