Garmin’s new rear camera watches your back while you ride your bike

Sports tech company Garmin is adding a must-have camera to its Varia line of bike radars and taillights.

It’s called the Varia RCT715 and houses a 1080p camera that shoots at 30 fps. The device has the automatic incident capture function which ensures that it continues to record “before, during and after” an accident. So, as you can imagine, the RCT715 is quite a robust device.

He has a water resistance rating IPX7, which means it can survive submerged in up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. However, the Varia RCT715 offers no protection against dust or sand.

When turned on, the Varia camera continuously records and saves footage to the Miscellaneous app. You can then transfer these images to your computer or smartphone at home. The app will even alert you if the rear camera detects a car getting too close to you (assuming your phone is attached to your bike and visible while riding). The RCT715 is also compatible with Garmin smartwatches and bike computers to help you track your workouts or send notifications.

Safety first

Although the new camera is the main focus, the other features of the Varia RCT715 are just as important. The proper functioning of the camera depends on the review radar doing its job.

The Varia’s radar has a 220 degree viewing angle and can detect vehicles up to 459 feet away. It is paired with an incredibly bright light that can be seen up to a mile away and has different light modes. There’s Solid Mode for continuous light, Platoon Mode (part of the system’s automated group driving feature) for dimmer light that’s easier on the eyes of people behind you, Night Flash for flashing during night outings and Day Flash for the middle. day trips. At its peak, the Varia maxes out at 65 lumens.

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Short battery

In a device with so many features, you can expect the battery to drain quickly.

Varia battery life depends on the lighting modes you use and whether the camera records at 1080p. The shortest life is four hours with Solid or Night Flash mode enabled. The longest battery life is six hours with daytime flash enabled. We asked Garmin if it was possible to extend battery life further by disabling camera recording or radar, but it didn’t respond.

The Varia RCT715 isn’t cheap either. You can grab one right now for $399.99 or pick up a cameraless model for $199.99. If you want to pair the Varia with a Garmin watch, TechRadar has a guide to help you.

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