Gigabyte and Maingear team up to offer hassle-free PC builds

Gigabyte has announced a partnership with Maingear to develop Project Stealth, a computer assembly kit intended to make building PCs easier.

Project Stealth combines technologies from Gigabyte and Maingear to overcome the difficulties of manufacturing PCs with the assembly kit consisting of three products: the Z690 Aorus Elite Stealth motherboard, the RTX 3070 Gaming OC Stealth graphics card, and the Aorus C300G case Stealth.

The kit works by relocating all motherboard connectors – like ATX power supply, CPU power supply, fans, USB, audio, front panel, etc. – towards the back, which opposes the current arrangement of having them at the front of the motherboard.

According to Gigabyte, the assembly kit will be particularly useful for those who have problems with general cable management, insertion of USB, audio, PSU connectors and front panel headers due to the standard location of the motherboard connector.

Meanwhile, Maingear is also offering its own product, the Stealth Gaming PC, which will feature Project Stealth motherboard cable management. Each PC will be handcrafted and come with DDR5 memory and high-speed PCI-E Gen 4 NVMe storage.

Analysis: The future of PC construction

It’s no secret that building PCs is a very technical and precise process that requires knowledge of PC component placement as well as how to connect cables from each component to the motherboard.

And just as Gigabyte pointed out, because the motherboard connectors tend to be on the front, it makes the process all the more difficult because computer cables can be really tricky to use.

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The products provided by Gigabyte and Maingear are two ingenious ways to ease the PC building process. And if it ends up being successful, it could set a precedent for other tech companies to offer similar services.

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