Gmail will no longer harass you with notifications outside working hours

Gmail is easily among the best email services; it offers safe, reliable and secure email from one of the biggest companies on the internet.

But anyone who uses Gmail for work, through Google Workspace, knows the pain of after-hours emails from your boss popping up on the screen and ruining your zen.

Google is listening though and recently announced an update for Gmail that works with Apple’s new Focus Mode for iOS, one of the best features for achieving digital peace and quiet.

The idea is a bit like notification profiles on Android; you can set specific notifications, apps, and services to be silent at different times of the day, such as when you’re at home.

Gmail can now work with these profiles – either automatically generated by Apple or customized by the user – to ensure that you receive the exact notifications you want. Aimless emails? Faded away. Important and critical updates? These pass.

“You can now specify which Google Chat and Gmail contacts you always want to receive notifications from when your iOS device is in Focus Mode,” Google explained. “This is useful in situations where you need to limit screen time, but don’t want to miss an important message when other notifications are muted.”

The importance of digital peace

After the pandemic forced everyone to work from home, or at least partially to work from home, achieving digital peace has become very important.

When there’s no obvious boundary between the office and the home environment, making sure notifications don’t slip through while you’re hanging out is key.

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Managing notifications, especially on iOS before the latest update, was a bit of a pain. You had to silence them all or dive into settings every time.

Apple has made the process much easier with iOS 15 and we really recommend setting up different Focus profiles to get the ball rolling, especially if you don’t have a work phone that can just be turned off.

Setup can be a bit of a hassle, but once you get past that it’s really simple – and perfect for keeping digital peace of mind without missing important updates.

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