Google Assistant can now automatically change your stolen passwords

Ensuring your online passwords stay secure should now be easier than ever thanks to a new Android update from Google.

The company is rolling out an upgrade that will keep Chrome for Android users safe by using its Duplex on the Web technology to automatically change any passwords it knows have been compromised during a hack or a data breach.

The tool was first announced at Google I/O 2021, but finally seems to be available to Android users everywhere.

Google Chrome Passwords

As spotted by Max Weinbach to android font, whenever Chrome detects a password that it knows has been compromised in a data breach, it displays an alert to the user. This pop-up will now include an option for Google Assistant to automatically change the compromised password, with the new addition added to the browser’s built-in password manager.

“To help you complete tasks, Google will receive the URLs and content of sites where you use the Assistant, as well as information you submit through the Assistant,” the alert adds. “This information may be stored in your Google account. You can disable Assistant in Chrome settings.”

Alternatively, Google Assistant will also help users navigate to the change password page for particular services whenever they need to change their credentials or offer a strong suggested password. Users can resume the process at any time, with manual password change also available.

Reusing the same password across multiple accounts has long been flagged as a dangerous habit by almost everyone in the security industry, but many people still persist in doing it. Recent research by SpyCloud found that 64% of passwords are used across multiple accounts, with nearly 70% of users whose credentials were part of a data breach or leak always reusing the same ones. exposed passwords.

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Duplex is Google’s cutting-edge chatbot technology that the company sees as part of the future of mobile devices. First revealed in 2018, the platform is now available to many Android users, offering help with tasks such as making phone calls and booking reservations.

However, its web-based Duplex offshoot also offers a number of automation features, with password changing being one of the first the company revealed.

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