Google Chat update will stop you making a seriously costly mistake

Google is rolling out an update for its productivity software suite that should prevent workers from falling victim to cyber scams.

As explained in a new blog postGoogle Chat users will soon benefit from alert banners warning them of suspicious messages that may contain links to phishing sites or malware downloads.

Google says the new feature will be available on mobile and web clients, and will help “protect against malicious actors” and “ensure data security.”

Google Chat Attacks

Since the transition to remote workenterprises had to worry about a host of new potential attack vectors, with employees no longer operating from the corporate security perimeter.

There is also lots of evidence to suggest that the volume of attacks against employees has increased sharply since the start of the pandemic.

One of the most common threats is phishing, a type of social engineering attack in which cybercriminals pose as legitimate third parties in an attempt to trick people into handing over Passwords and other sensitive information.

Traditionally, phishing attacks have taken place on E-mail, but attackers had to get more and more creative in order to circumvent sophisticated filtration systems. Earlier this week, for example, it emerged that hackers are now using fake chatbots to steal personal data and platforms like Google Forms have also been abused in support of phishing campaigns.

The last Google workspace the update builds on recent company email updates and online storage services, both of which are already equipped with similar alert banner functionality. By extending the feature to its email service, Google hopes to block another potential attack vector.

The new Google Chat feature is expected to go live within the next two weeks and will be available to all Google Account holders.

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