Google Cloud is launching a Web3 team

Google Cloud is reportedly forming a team to build services for developers looking to build blockchain applications and other Web3 tools.

According to an email from Vice President, General Manager and Head of Platform at Google Cloud, Amit Zavery as seen by CNBCthe search giant wants to make Google Cloud Platform the first choice for developers working in this emerging field.

Although the world is only beginning to adopt Web3, Zavery noted that this is already a market with huge potential and that the company’s customers have asked him to increase support for Web3 and cryptographic technologies.

According to a recent survey of 595 Stack Overflow developers, 85% of participants have yet to build apps or software using blockchain. However, with Google Cloud set to make it easier for developers to build Web3 apps and services using its tools, that may soon change.

In a bid to gain an advantage over AWS, Microsoft Azure, and even Alibaba Cloud in the ongoing cloud wars, Google wants to offer backend services to developers interested in building their own Web3 software.

In an interview with CNBCZavery said the company isn’t trying to be a part of the cryptocurrency wave directly and instead wants to provide technologies for businesses so they can leverage the distributed nature of Web3 for themselves.

Zavery also told the outlet that Google could come up with a system that other companies could use to make it easier for end users to explore and access blockchain data. At the same time, the company wants to simplify the process of creating and running blockchain nodes for validating and recording transactions.

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While blockchain first became popular alongside the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain applications are rapidly becoming mainstream in industries such as financial services and retail, where a large public ledger could be the ideal solution to record and store transactions.

We’ll have to wait for Google Cloud to officially announce its new Web3 team, but the mere fact that the company is working on building services to help developers build Web3 applications could give the next version of the Internet a huge boost.

via CNBC

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