Google Cloud launches its own version of PostgreSQL

Google Cloud has announced a new cloud-based PostgreSQL-compatible database service.

At its Google IO 2022 event, the company introduced AlloyDB as a new modernization option for users transitioning from legacy databases.

Google claims that compared to standard PostgreSQL, AlloyDB was more than four times faster for transactional workloads in its benchmark tests, and up to 100 times faster for analytical queries.

What does this mean for users?

AlloyDB was also twice as fast for transactional workloads as Amazon’s comparable service, Google claimed during a dig at its cloud hosting rival.

Additionally, Google says the service uses the same blocks that power Google services like YouTube, Search, Maps, and Gmail.

“In particular, enterprise customers are looking to standardize open systems such as PostgreSQL to eliminate the costly and hostile licensing and vendor lock-in that comes with legacy products,” said Andi Gutmans GM and Vice President of Engineering for databases, Google Cloud. “However, running and reformatting business-critical workloads on an open-source database can be daunting: Teams often struggle to tune performance, cleanup disruptions, and managing data availability. applications.”

The new service also maintained full compatibility with PostgreSQL 14 according to Google, the latest version of the open source database, allowing users to reuse their existing development skills and tools and migrate existing PostgreSQL applications without code changes.

The move is the latest in a series of steps aimed at capturing market share from Google’s legacy cloud providers.

The company also recently added Oracle to PostgreSQL schema conversion and a new database migration program to enable cloud migration of databases.

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Users interested in learning more about AlloyDB can check out this in-depth dive into the database or visit this page to create their first cluster.

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