Google Pixel 7 leak shows company doubling down on the Pixel 6’s weird looks

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is apparently Google’s motto, as it looks like the Google Pixel 7 could basically look like the Pixel 6 – we heard it from unofficial renders back in January, and now more information is here to corroborate.

A website called TechGoing has shared leaked promotional images for the Pixel 7 Pro cases, which show off a very familiar design. We’ve never heard of this site before, so take these photos with a big pinch of salt, although they match what we’ve heard before.

All of the Pixel 6 Pro’s rear cameras were contained within a large horizontal camera bump, which has earned many affectionate (and not-so-affectionate) nicknames, with comparisons drawn between it and helmet visors.

It looks like the Pixel 7 Pro will retain this design, even retaining the same lens and flash location on the bump – renders show a layer of silver that apparently separates the periscope lens from the other two, but it seems be purely a design difference.

Analysis: stick to the hits

Google isn’t Samsung or Apple, and it usually doesn’t use a popular design for years and years until we get bored of it, but we see it sticking to certain designs for popular phones .

The company used a similar build for years until the Pixel 3 arrived, but it’s been cycling since then, as we haven’t seen a super popular Google phone since that 2018 model.

Well, until the Pixel 6 seems to sell like cold beers on a hot day, so it only makes sense that the company would keep the design features in place.

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We’re hoping to see changes in other areas, including a faster chipset, new camera features, and a longer-lasting battery, but it looks like the design won’t change.

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