Google wants to spend billions on new US offices and data centers

The days of working from home may soon be coming to an end for Google employees in the United States, as the company announced plans to invest $9.5 billion in its offices and data centers across the country.

Over the past five years, the search giant has invested more than $37 billion in its offices and data centers in 26 states while creating more than 40,000 full-time jobs. It should also be noted that Google has invested over $40 billion in research and development in the United States over the past two years.

Along with its new investments in offices and data centers, the company plans to create at least 12,000 additional full-time jobs by the end of the year and thousands more among its suppliers, partners and communities. local.

While it may seem counterintuitive to increase its investment in physical offices now that Google has adopted a hybrid working policy where employees only need to come into the office three days a week, the company believes that Investing more in its campuses will help it create better products. and lead to a better quality of life for its employees.

At the same time, new investments in its data centers will help Google move closer to its goal of running them on carbon-free power 24/7 by 2030.

US office and data center expansion

According to a new blog post from Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, the company plans to invest in its offices and data centers across the United States.

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In the southern United States, Google is opening a new office in Atlanta this year and continuing to invest in its data center in Douglas County, Georgia. Meanwhile, in Texas, the company is making progress in its new downtown Austin office and investing more in its Midlothian data center, located just outside of Dallas. Google also plans to invest in its data centers in Tennessee, Virginia and Oklahoma.

In the Midwest and East Coast of the United States, Google is investing in its data centers in Council Bluffs, Iowa and Nebraska, and investing more in its long-term presence in New York while improving its campuses in Cambridge and Pittsburgh. .

In the central United States, Google continues to build its campus in Boulder, Colorado.

Finally, on the West Coast, the company opened a new office in downtown Portland and is investing in its data center in The Dalles while also investing in its campuses in Kirkland and Seattle in Washington State. . Once Google’s data center in Storey County, Nevada is up and running, it plans to expand it as it also invests more in its Henderson facility.

We’ll likely hear more from Google once its latest round of US investment and expansion is complete by the end of this year.

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