Google Workspace update will stop you hogging all the cloud storage capacity

If you’re an admin in a large organization, you know the difficulty of managing cloud storage: someone downloaded an entire TV show, someone never deletes anything, etc.

Fortunately, Google is trying to make the task a little less painful for Google Workspace customers.

In a blog post, Google laid out a set of pretty drastic changes to how much control admins can have over cloud storage.

In the Admin Console, admins can view a usage summary for the entire organization; product-specific use, such as for Docs or Gmail; the main users of storage in the organization; and storage occupied by shared files.

On top of that, admins can now manage and delete shared drives based on storage usage (with pretty granular controls), apply limits for specific users, and access detailed storage usage reports. .

Basically, it’s music to the ears of anyone managing a large network of employees.

Google workspace

The new dashboard for administrators (Image credit: Google)

Admins will also have more control over who can access different types of storage and why, something only super admins can currently do.

The changes add much-needed functionality to organizations using Google Workspace, especially as Google plans to compete with Microsoft and other enterprise software makers.

More storage for you

Storage is one of the silent annoyances for anyone managing an enterprise tech stack: you only get a limited amount of it and employees like to use it.

Google’s Workspace plans offer up to 5TB of storage for £13.80 per user per month, which is a pretty generous limit, but over the years these can fill up, especially when working on large files.

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Google has worked hard to make Workspace and Google Cloud the go-to destination for large enterprises, with some success.

By introducing improved administration tools, Google is making Workspace more attractive to the right group of employees.

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