Half of workers are worried about the cost of going back to the office

According to a study by Slack, almost half of UK employees are worried about the cost of returning to the office.

These stressors include costs such as travel and food, at a time when nearly 9 in 10 UK adults are reporting an increase in their cost of living, according to data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS).

Slack’s survey spoke to 1,000 UK knowledge workers, looking at the impact of the office on their wellbeing and how companies can create healthier workplaces.

What are British workers concerned about?

Plenty apparently, almost 73% of UK workers have suffered from burnout in the past year according to the research, while 37% found that going to the office makes them feel stressed, worried or anxious.

For 49%, this fear of going to the office is due to the apprehension of harming their work-life balance.

However, Slack’s research presented a positive view of the impact of technology on the working world of British workers.

More than two-thirds – 69% – agree that technology is a work aid, not a hindrance, and 62% say they can work more flexibly thanks to technology.

What can businesses do?

The study found that the majority – 70% – of UK workers believe implementing a four-day working week would improve their health and well-being at work.

Research findings on hybrid working are similar, with a large proportion of UK workers – 44% – believing this flexible remote working model is best for their mental health and wellbeing.

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Despite how we’ve worked from home for much of the post-pandemic period, research from AT&T found that the vast majority of companies don’t have a detailed hybrid work strategy.

Despite this, only a small number of employees surveyed – 28% – said they have free choice over whether and when they work in the office.

“An employee who is cared for and supported will be inspired to do their best,” said Chris Mills, EMEA Customer Success Manager at Slack. “It is positive to see UK workers highlighting that hybrid working and technology have an important role to play in their wellbeing.”

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