HBO Max rolling out new update that fixes performance issues on Apple TV

WarnerMedia has begun silently rolling out a new HBO Max update that fixes performance issues the app was having on Apple TV devices while also adding new features.

According to Variety, the update will make its way to Apple TVs and Apple TV 4K boxes throughout the week and into next week. Users on the internet have been complaining about their HBO Max app not opening on their Apple TV devices.

New features

The new operating system appears to be virtually unchanged from the previous version. The few changes include a more intuitive login/registration page, a new homepage with a scrolling banner, and a “frenzy mode” that lets you skip the end credits.

There’s also a new My Stuff feature to help people better manage their watchlists. Redditors Astute on the HBO Max Subreddit found more changes. A user commented that automatic previews can now be turned off and items can be removed from the Continue Watching section.

Another pointed out that there are new animations on the app. And another person mentions that HBO Max on Android, PlayStation, and Tizen platforms also has the update, but with a slightly different UI.

Cut the corners of development

Prior to these changes, the official solution was to force quit the app and relaunch it or uninstall and then reinstall HBO Max. But now the app seems to be much more stable and more able to launch properly.

The problem seems to have been caused by the development of the application. WarnerMedia EVP Sarah Lyons revealed to Variety that the company took shortcuts by using the already existing HBO Go and HBO Now apps to create the new software to speed up the launch.

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However, these older applications were not designed to host a larger library or be used internationally, which created implementation issues. Lyons admits they knew they would eventually have to fix the incompatibility or “replatform” as she put it.

Once the rollout is complete, WarnerMedia is set to release a new version of the app for Amazon’s Fire TV and enhance HBO Max on the web. The Fire TV version has been reported to be very slow while the web version has connection issues.

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