Hinge is adding self-care prompts to help you feel comfortable when making a date

Match Group has announced that its dating app, Hinge, will receive a selection of new self-care prompts later this month to encourage conversations and reduce the stigma surrounding self-care.

Available on iOS and Android, Hinge tries to use algorithms to match singles with others, based on the personalities and responses you give when you first sign up.

According to Hinge’s own research, only 9% of UK app users felt comfortable talking about therapy on a first date. This figure is surprisingly low, considering that research also indicated that 97% of users want to date someone who is “open and actively takes care of their mental health”.

To try to bridge this metrics gap, Hinge is implementing new prompts in user profiles later this month. These will include icebreakers such as “My self-care routine is…” and “My therapist would say I…”, which Match Group hopes will encourage Hinge users to talk more openly about their mental health.

As an added benefit of encouraging conversations about mental health, supposedly, users who discuss self-care are more likely to get a second date, “because eight in ten Hinge users say that they’re more likely to see someone again if they discuss self-care.”

Analysis: Hinge prioritizes self-care

Self-care prompt function in the app

(Image credit: hinge)

Whether you use Hinge and hope to get more dates or not, mental health conversations being more open and less stigmatized around them is definitely a good thing.

That being said, it’s hard to think that Match Group is truly selfless in this update, as the press release brags about how this feature will increase the success rate of dates, rather than the good that it could do to society and the dating ecosystem that it has transformed through apps such as Tinder.

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Currently, it’s unclear if Match Group is truly committed to the mental health of its users in its suite of dating apps. However, it’s a great start regardless, and having these prompts will help break the ice for those who might be wary of using dating apps or meeting a potential new partner.

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