‘I want to play Elder Scrolls 6 before I die’ – Skyrim grandma’s macabre message to Todd Howard

Shirley Curry, aka Skyrim Grandma, has a message for Todd Howard: “Hurry up and finish The Elder Scrolls 6.”

Shirley, 85, rose to fame through her YouTube channel where she plays Skyrim. She has carved out a place for herself in the Youtube community – and in the hearts of all of us. And she wants to play The Elder Scrolls 6 before getting her clogs out, damn it!

Speaking during the Q&A of her PAX East 2022 panel (transcribed by Rock Paper Shotgun), a fan asked Shirley what she would tell Bethesda boss Todd Howard if he were to appear in person.

“How about ‘Hi’?” she joked. “No, I’ll ask him to give me a cool game, and I’ll ask him to hurry up and finish The Elder Scrolls 6. I want to play it before I die.”

Even Shirley. Same.

Shirley Curry aka Skyrim Grandma with Todd Howard

(Image credit: Shirley Curry)

Skyrim Grandma’s Legacy

Playfully nicknamed “Skyrim Grandma”, Shirley Curry has become a video game celebrity. So much so that her fans immortalized her in a mod for the game. If your Dragonborn gets tired of Lydia, you can replace her with Shirley and watch her kick ass.

But even more heartwarming is the promise Bethesda has made to add Skyrim Grandma as an NPC in the upcoming Elder Scrolls 6. The game isn’t expected to drop for quite a while yet; the developers instead worked on Starfield.

So of course Shirley’s comments hit hard. Especially given his health scare earlier this year. Speaking to a fan on Twitter, the YouTuber share that she had suffered a stroke in her sleep. This left her unable to remember “much about Skyrim”.

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After her appearance at PAX East 2022, Shirley appears to be in good spirits and in good health now. I have no trouble myself, but at this rate I wonder if I’ll even be alive to see The Elder Scrolls 6 release.

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