Intel Arc desktop GPUs could be about to arrive (but not the flagship)

Intel may have the first Arc Alchemist desktop graphics cards on shelves in late May, according to new rumors.

This comes from Wccftech who claims to have information from Taiwanese sources familiar with Intel’s latest supply chain discussions and the incoming launch of the Arc GPU.

If that’s true – and we should be very careful about it, as always – then the theory is that Intel has three Alchemist desktop boards coming out to begin with, two of which will launch initially, followed by a third model a few “ weeks” later.

The flagship (A780) won’t be part of that trio, mind, with the first pair slated to be the Arc A750 and A380 models – the more peppery mid-range and budget offerings respectively – with the arrival the later being the lower end of the mid-range, the A580.

Apparently Intel didn’t provide firm launch dates for these products, but more vague timelines, which are late May to early June for the launch of the A750 and A380 graphics cards, and July (tentatively) for the A580 .

Analysis: A price to match Nvidia?

We already know that Intel has confirmed Arc desktop boards for Q2 this year, which means they’ll arrive in May or June, which is what we’ve heard here. Later in May that would also make sense in terms of a Computex launch, perhaps…

What’s interesting is that we – and many others – were expecting a last-minute debut in late June, given the way Intel has played things so far (with the initial launch of Arc for laptop GPUs at the end of March when it was promised for Q1 – so just sneaking into that time frame).

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Of course, it’s unclear if we could still wait until late June despite this report, because even if that’s true and those launch targets are Intel’s intention right now, things could still slide. It’s a launch Intel needs to get right the first time, after all, and that includes not only nailing the hardware, but the software as well (driver quality is going to be crucial).

As for how powerful these graphics cards will be, Wccftech reckons the Arc A750 will be the equivalent of Nvidia’s RTX 3060, and the price will fall roughly in line with the $350 in the US (in fact, that’s is slightly more than Team Green’s recommended price for the 3060).

The A580 will supposedly match the power of an RTX 3050, with a price tag of around $280, and the wallet-friendly A380 should match the GTX 1650 with a price tag reaching around $150, according to the site. technological – large, large piles of condiments should be applied here, naturally.

The best guess, then, would seem to be that the price tags will fall roughly in line with Nvidia, which is at least better than the hints we’ve previously stumbled upon for high-end models that might even top Team Green’s prices. In some ways, the hope that Intel is going down the throat by undercutting the competition with its introductory prices seems to be fading, but we can’t count on anything at the moment based on mere rumours.

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