iPhone SE 4: what we want to see

The iPhone SE 4 is probably a long way off – after all, the iPhone SE 3 (also known as iPhone SE 2022) only launched in March 2022, and those aren’t usually even annual releases .

But having used the iPhone SE 2022 extensively, we have a pretty good idea of ​​what to expect from the iPhone SE 4, as the current model is far from perfect. We want to see more entries in our list of best iPhones, so we need upgrades. So with that in mind, we’ve created a wishlist below of what we want from the next release.

But before that, you will find information about the possible release date and price, as well as any other news and rumors. At the moment we don’t know much – although we’ve heard some things – but as more information comes in we’ll update this article, so check back soon.

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  • What is that? The Next Affordable iPhone
  • When did he come out? Not before 2023, and maybe later
  • How much will it cost? Expect an average price

iPhone SE 4 release date and price

It’s hard to say when the iPhone SE 4 will land because, unlike most phones, we don’t get a new one every year. The iPhone SE 3 landed in March 2022, but the iPhone SE 2 was unveiled in April 2020 and the original model landed in March 2016.

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So a March or April launch is likely, but the actual year, we’ll see, is more up in the air. That said, there are rumours, with Ross Young (a leaker with a strong track record) claiming that we could see it as early as 2023although it previously indicated 2024.

As for pricing, there’s no news on that front, but we expect it to be similar to the 2022 iPhone SE, which starts at $429 / £419 / AU$719. That said, rumors point to significant improvements, which could mean the price will go up a bit.

iPhone SE 2022

Expect a similar price to the iPhone SE 2022 (Image credit: future)

News and Leaks

The iPhone SE 4 could mark a big change for the range, because Ross Young (a leaker) claims the screen will be 5.7 to 6.1 inches. That’s up from just 4.7-inches on the current model, although it apparently remains with the LCD screen.

They don’t comment on the design of the phone but that larger screen size might suggest a move to a more modern design with no home button and smaller bezels because keeping those things would make the phone look huge if it also had a screen in this size range. If the design changes, that would likely mean Face ID would be added as well.

A previous leak from the same source suggested that the iPhone SE 4 might have a punch hole rather than a notch, but while the iPhone 14 Pro would have that change, we’d be surprised if the next SE did. More recently, Young has suggested that the most likely size was 5.7 inches.

Elsewhere, Ming-Chi Kuo (an analyst with an excellent track record for Apple Information) also said – via a note seen by MacRumors – to expect a bigger screen, and that the iPhone SE 4 will have 4GB of RAM. (which is the same amount as the iPhone SE 3 – although at the time Kuo predicted 3GB for the current model, so take that with a pinch of salt).

The iPhone SE 4 is also guaranteed to support 5G (as the SE 3 does), and it will most likely get a new chipset – but that will depend on when it launches.

what we want to see

We don’t know much about the iPhone SE 4 yet, but we do know what to expect from it, including the following.

1. A new design

Used iPhone SE 2022 on wood background

The iPhone SE 2022 looks very dated (Image credit: TechRadar)

The design of the iPhone SE (2022) is more than old – it’s old, even the cheapest cheap phones show it in many ways.

So we really, really want to see a design refresh for the iPhone SE 4. That shouldn’t be difficult for Apple – it has plenty of phones with a more modern design that it can copy after all. The good news is that there are signs that Apple might actually do just that.

2. More starting storage

The iPhone SE 3 has a starting capacity of just 64 GB, which in 2022 is frankly not enough, especially given its average price and the lack of a microSD card slot.

So for the iPhone SE 4, we want to see 128GB be the starting size – and for that to happen without a price jump.

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3. A lower price

iPhone SE 2022

The 2022 iPhone SE costs more than we’d like (Image credit: future)

Speaking of price, the iPhone SE (2022) already costs more than the iPhone SE (2020), so not only is a price hike an undesirable prospect, but we ideally want a lower starting cost, so that this truly be an affordable iPhone again.

Given rumors of a bigger screen and possibly a new design, that probably won’t happen, but we’re living in hope.

4. A bigger screen

The iPhone SE 3 is absolutely tiny with its 4.7-inch screen, and that’s arguably too small even for most compact phone fans, so we’d like to see the iPhone SE 4 increase in size.

The good news is that rumors point to a 5.7-6.1-inch screen on this, which would be a noticeable increase, while still being about compact, especially if the smaller of these sizes is used. In fact, paired with a new design and smaller bezels, the overall footprint doesn’t need to be much larger.

5. More camera lenses

The iPhone SE 3 has only one rear lens, which even for a mid-range phone is not enough. Sure, it’s a great camera, but it’s also limited, giving you just a wide field of view. So for iPhone SE 4, we want to add a second lens, providing ultra-wide or telephoto functionality.

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