It’s about to get much easier to transfer your iPhone data to an Android phone

Currently, if you own an iPhone but have purchased one of the best Android phones, transferring your data is a nightmare. You have to dig specific cables, juggle cloud saves, perform a sacrament to long-forgotten gods – but it looks like that could change very soon.

Apparently, Google is working on a new “Switch to Android” app that would make it easier to send all your important files from iPhone to Android, just like sending your Android data to iPhone. This comes from 9to5Google, which has had some time with the app.

The website has found an app you can download on an iPhone, which will likely have an Android equivalent when it’s fully launched, because when you open it, you’re prompted to scan a QR code on said Android app.

This lets you move loads of data like your contacts, photos, videos, and apps, saving you from having to reinstall everything.

Several Android phone makers already have systems like this – for example, Samsung lets you easily transfer everything from a Galaxy handset to a newer one, even transferring your wallpaper and settings. But this new app would make it easier to migrate from iOS to Android, two very different types of phones.

It’s unclear when this app will launch, but from the fact that 9to5Google managed to download and use it, it looks like it’s almost ready to go – hopefully we’ll know more in the coming months .

Analysis: a simple balancing act

Considering how annoying it used to be to send data from iPhone to Android phone before, this new app will be a useful tool for people leaving the Apple ecosystem. But that’s not exactly a major win for Google’s operating system.

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No, it’s more of a balancing act to align Android with iOS. Apple has long maintained its “Move to iOS” app for transferring data to a new iPhone, and its solution was generally much simpler than Google’s.

Well, now iOS and Android are equally easy to move to or from, which means neither operating system has the edge over the other in this regard.

Of course, depending on your preferences, you might think that Android or iOS have the advantage over the other in multiple other ways. But when it comes to transferring competition, they are now perfectly on par.

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