It’s official, video meetings really do suck

New data from Read suggests that video meetings continue to be underdelivered due to low levels of engagement and various other issues.

The company, which offers an engagement monitoring service for video calls, analyzed more than three million conference minutes — and the results aren’t pretty.

According to Read, more than half (51%) of meetings run over schedule by at least a minute, while a third (31%) start late, resulting in an average delay of about 3 minutes.

A fifth of meetings (21%) suffer from poor audio and video, while a quarter of attendees (24%) aren’t really engaged in the conversation (they’re not focused or doing anything else).

In 15% of meetings, attendees were “bored, frustrated, or confused,” the report says. And overall, Read rated more than 50% of meetings as bad or average.

Room for improvement

To say there is room for improvement would be an understatement. While Read took the opportunity to highlight the benefits of its own services from an engagement perspective, the firm also shared some additional information.

For example, 50% of attendees typically arrive late to a meeting attended by seven or more people, and a quarter (22%) of attendees never say a single word in meetings of this size, suggesting that meetings smaller ones are beneficial.

Also, people quickly lose interest in meetings that drag on. In hour-long meetings, the number of disengaged participants increases by 37%, in the last quarter of the meeting, compared to the first.

Even for shorter meetings, 15% of participants will disengage in the last quarter, while a tenth (11%) will still be in “ghost mode” (without webcam or active microphone) in meetings of seven or more people.

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