Latest Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti leak suggests there’ll be plenty of GPU stock… but there’s a catch

Nvidia’s RTX 3090 Ti leaks are coming fast and well now, with the latest from the vine giving us a purported price, as well as the claim that stock for this GPU should be plentiful.

video cardz (opens in a new tab) tapped into its sources and reports that the RTX 3090 Ti will be priced at $1,999 in the US (about £1,500, AU$2,700) for Nvidia’s Founders Edition. However, third-party builds from card makers will likely cost more (perhaps significantly more, based on other pre-release price dumps we’ve heard).

What’s really interesting is that the report claims that some major US retailers will have “thousands” of RTX 3090 Ti graphics cards as launch stock right off the bat.

VideoCardz also leaks the performance of the new Ti version of Nvidia’s flagship Ampere, and the card is expected to be around 7% faster than the vanilla RTX 3090 (based on 3DMark benchmarks), which roughly matches the rumors. previous ones. Another recent nugget suggested up to a 10% performance boost (albeit at 4K resolution). In short, expect some gains over the base 3090, but nothing too outlandish.

Analysis: Prices look believable, but what about those stock claims?

That price seems about right for the Founders Edition. There’s a new rumor that the 3090 Ti keeps the same price (MSRP) as the 3090 – and the latter drops its recommended price even further – but we find that hard to believe.

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Unfortunately, we’re just not expecting remotely tempting prices here, mainly because the RTX 3090 Ti will really only appeal to PC enthusiasts with ridiculous amounts of cash on hand. After all, we’re now so close to the launch of next-gen cards and the RTX 4090 that it seems silly not to wait for those Lovelace GPUs. Unless you absolutely must own the bragging rights of having the fastest card in your PC as soon as the 3090 Ti hits the market. And those kind of people won’t remotely think about the budget of the graphics card, so Nvidia doesn’t need to do that either; or that’s our argument.

What’s really interesting here is the part of the rumor that there are “thousands” of cards ready to go, which seems unlikely to say the least. The 3090 Ti won’t sell in huge numbers just because it’s a niche card due to that high price tag (and the proximity to the next-gen Lovelace launch only reinforces that). So why would there be tons of them floating around?

Obviously, we have to take all of this speculation from the rumor mill with a big pinch of salt, but what this gives us is the suggestion that stock of the RTX 3090 Ti will be as plentiful as it needs to be, and anyone looking grabbing one of these cards will obviously have no problem doing so, right off the bat.

More generally, we’re seeing plenty of signs that the GPU stock picture is improving rapidly and prices should come down for all models. I’m crossing my fingers that this continues.

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If you want to buy the RTX 3090 Ti, check out our live blog to find out where to get RTX 3090 Ti pre-orders.

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