Leak: Sonos looks to squash UE Boom with classy new Roam colors

We’ve had a slew of Sonos leaks lately, from the impending launch of a new affordable Sonos Ray soundbar to the connected audio brand’s voice assistant, and now we can add another to the pile – from new colors for the Sonos Roam.

As discovered in this Reddit threat, Sonos mailing list subscribers received a mysterious email containing a countdown timer and a not-so-subtle URL containing “roamcolors”, along with an image with the filename. “Roam_Colors_Launch.png”. What could it be?

The colors themselves were leaked by Chilean retailer MusicWorld, where all three options were visible on location at the time of writing, but have since been removed. Although we don’t have the official names of the shades, the colors include an olive, a blue-gray, and a red-orange option.

life in technicolor

As those familiar with the company will know, the vast majority of Sonos products launch in the super exciting black or white color options, with any additions to the palette arriving later as a special version.

This happened with the Sonos One when it received red, green, yellow, pink and gray options, all of which came at a $30 / £30 (around AU$50) premium over their siblings. monochrome. We think that’s how it will go with the Sonos Roam, although we really hope there won’t be a price difference, or at least not that serious.

As audio brand products were initially designed exclusively for the home, a monochromatic color scheme was a smart and safe choice – generally speaking, black or white products are much easier to pair with home décor. But when expanding into the portable Bluetooth speaker market, character becomes more important than ubiquity.

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It’s something Ultimate Ears are more than familiar with, with the hugely popular UE Boom 3 arriving in a wide range of colors, with more landing throughout the life of the product. In fact, the company took this to its natural conclusion, allowing customers to fully customize their UE Boom 3 speaker.

In the Sonos Roam vs UE Boom 3 debate, there are compelling cases for either product (price being chief among them), but with Sonos introducing a hint of personality to its Roam lineup, the gap could close.

As mentioned, we believe these new colors will come in at around the same price as the existing Sonos Roam at $179 / £179 / AU$299, but with no official word on pricing or regional availability, we’ll have to wait until September. Wednesday, May 11 for the official reveal.

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