Mac Mini 2022 – news, rumors, and everything we know

A revamped Apple Mac Mini for 2022 is highly anticipated, so like you, TechRadar editors were surprised it didn’t show up at Apple’s Peek Performance event on March 8.

We saw something else for fans of Apple’s desktop line: the Mac Studio, featuring the new M1 Ultra SoC (system on a chip), designed for creative professionals. But something is clearly brewing: Compelling new rumors say that Apple is testing nine new Mac models ahead of WWDC with brand new M2 silicon chips – and that includes a new Mac Mini.

It’s been almost two years since Apple released the Mac Mini (M1), powered by the Apple M1 chip alongside the Apple MacBook Air (2020) and the 13-inch Apple MacBook Pro (2020). So a new model – possibly powered by the same M2 chip that could also appear in the rumored MacBook Air (2022) – is definitely on the way.

The Mini PC impressed us when we reviewed it in 2020, and the M1 chip that powers it proved to be quite capable overall. Still, a home PC is a pretty big piece of kit. Can a revamped 2022 Mac Mini win conversions beyond the device’s fanbase? Here’s everything we know so far.

Apple Mac Mini (2022): straight to the point

  • What is that? Apple’s next-generation mini PC
  • When did he come out? Expected end of 2022 or 2023
  • How much will it cost? Unknown, but likely similar to current price (from $699 / £699 / AU$1,099)

Latest news

April 15: Apple is testing a whole bunch of new Macs powered by its next-gen M2 chip, including a new Mac Mini.

April 14: A firmware update for Apple’s new Studio Display refers to a product marked as Macmini10.1, which is apparently a model ID that is not used for any of the existing Mac product lines.

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March 13: Boring! Respected and (usually very knowledgeable) Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims that the next Mac Mini will retain the existing form factor – and will appear in 2023. 🙁

March 09: At its spring “Peek Performance” event, Apple unveiled a new M1 Ultra chipset, the 2022 iPad Air, 2022 iPhone SE, the fancy Mac Studio, and more! But no Mac Mini, unfortunately.

Release date and price

mac mini

(Image credit: future)

The Apple Mac Mini (2022) hasn’t even been announced yet, so we can’t confirm an official release date. The latest Mac Mini (M1) was released in late 2020, so outside of Apple’s typical 18-24 product release cadence, we expected it to be announced at the March 2022 event, but unfortunately this was not the case. It’s still likely that we could see it announced before the end of the year if Apple intends to release an M2 SoC.

The 2020 models of both products were announced at the same time and both feature the M1 chip. There are also plenty of rumors that the 13-inch MacBook Pro won’t see a major redesign, which could be reserved for a new MacBook Air revealed later this year.

If that’s true, it might make sense that the Mac Mini with M2 would be announced alongside the 13-inch MacBook Pro, since there’s far less excitement around a Mac Mini redesign than there is for a MacBook.

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After all, announcing two new M2-powered devices that don’t feature major redesigns is better than announcing just one, and if the Mini were to only get internal improvements, replacing the M1 with the M2 would make mass production a lot more simple.

More recent rumors from well-placed sources suggest that Apple may have decided to push back the 2022 Mac Mini to 2023 – and if that turns out to be the case, we’re going to have to stop calling it the 2022 Mac Mini.


Apple Mac mini (M1, 2020)

(Image credit: future)

One of the main advantages of the Mac Mini is its size, which is perfect for those who need a home PC but don’t want a large PC case or an all-in-one computer like the latest. iMac. But will that change?

There’s been a lot of talk about Apple’s potential MacBook Air (2022) redesign as well as the lack of a 13-inch MacBook Pro redesign. Which way do we expect the Mac Mini to go down?

That’s a tough question to answer, unfortunately: since there’s less interest in seeing a redesign of the Mac Mini, Apple has less incentive to redesign the Mac Mini. However, one of the reasons why the lack of a redesign of the 13-inch MacBook Pro makes a lot of sense is that the 13-inch MacBook Pro could be discontinued after this year in favor of the 14-inch MacBook Pro (2021). .

If you keep releasing a product and we don’t expect the Mac Mini to be discontinued anytime soon, it’s almost certain to need a redesign (albeit nothing major) to s fit other Mac products that do, namely the iMac, and presumably the 14-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The rumor mill has gone both ways on this, but earlier leaks hinting that a form factor change was on the cards have since been shot down by other sources. We’ll have to wait and see what the 2022 Mac Mini looks like.

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Specifications and performance

We can’t say much about the specs of the Mac Mini without knowing the Apple chip running it, but we expect it to have the same unified 8GB/16GB memory configuration options, ranging from a 256 GB SSD to a 2 TB SSD.

We also expect the number and types of ports to stay more or less the same, but we’re hoping for an upgrade to USB-C Thunderbolt 4 from the existing Thunderbolt 3. The same goes for upgrades in the manner of HDMI 2.1 and a DisplayPort. 1.4, but with Thunderbolt 4 those ports might not be needed anyway, so they might have the ax with a new Mac Mini.

That might change our list of the best monitors for the Mac Mini, but something tells us it’s not really an issue for Apple.

As for the chips powering the new device, that’s where things can get interesting.

There’s some buzz that we won’t just see an M2-powered Mac Mini, but we might also see an M1 Pro and even an outside chance of an M1 Max-powered Mac Mini.

The latter two might be aimed more at professionals than at home PCs, but the possibility could give the Mac Mini much wider appeal, especially since it could allow consumers of all persuasions to access the performance of an M1 Pro and an M1 Max at a more affordable price. point you’d get with a MacBook Pro.

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